10 law firms fined in Cyprus for obtaining Golden Passports

10 law firms fined in Cyprus for obtaining Golden Passports

Cyprus Bar Association (Cyprus Bar Association) has begun a decisive phase of the investigation of possible violations related to the illegal acquisition of the so-called “Golden Passports” . The date of the first meeting of the Criminal Court of Cyprus on the issue of obtaining citizenship through investment is already known. It will take place on November 4.

Association chairman Christos Clerides stressed that at least ten other law firms are also under suspicion. The activist added that they could be subject to disciplinary and even criminal liability for offenses related to participation in illegal passport issuance schemes. . In total, they amount to 70,000 euros today.

The association must decide whether it will summon suspected lawyers to a meeting of the Disciplinary Board — it is the only authority capable of revoking their licenses.

Scandals with dubious passports have been a regular occurrence lately. So, recently it was reported that the Cypriot authorities canceled seven more identity cards issued under the Golden Passports program. four investors and their family members.

The Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) allowed foreign citizens and their families to obtain Cypriot citizenship if they made a financial contribution to the country.

Now the Cypriot authorities decided to cancel the “Golden” program — too often she has been criticized for not-quite-illegal deeds. In an Al Jazeera investigative report called The Cyprus Papers, it is indicated that 2.5 million dollars of investments were placed in Cyprus by criminals.

Earlier, the cabinet of ministers of the island state canceled 45 passports after obtaining incriminating evidence during investigations.

It is reported that from 2007 to 2020 by the Cypriot scheme for obtaining the “Golden Passport” A total of 3.5 thousand people took advantage of it.

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