10 Qualities of the Perfect Travel Companion

“Travel more” is the #1 desire for many, and rightfully second place should be “find the perfect travel companion to travel..< p>10 qualities of an ideal travel companion

10 Qualities of an Ideal Travel Companion

Exploring new places is inspiring, but all the joyful impressions of a long-awaited trip can easily overshadow the company of the “wrong” person. Crying, “stuffy” and fastidious travelers spoil the mood of everyone around and can turn your dream place into hell. 

If you're thinking about taking someone with you on your next trip (or want to be the perfect companion yourself), take a look at these 10 personality traits tourweek says will help you find your perfect butt.

1. Easy to get up

Bad-tempered people complain about everything: the drinks are not cold enough, the music is too loud, the staff is not polite enough… In the company of such people, you will have to deal with constant encouragement, and not enjoy your vacation. A lot of things can go wrong when traveling: flights are cancelled, trains are late, hotels confuse things with bookings. The constant presence of someone with a sour face will make these already unpleasant circumstances ten times worse, so it is better to travel with someone who does not escalate the situation and knows how to find humor in everything.

2. You don't need to babysit them

Choose someone who doesn't need to be constantly looked after and who is independent enough to rest alone every few days. You also need to find a fellow traveler with whom it will be comfortable to just be silent, because it is impossible to talk 24/7. And there is no place for awkward silence in travel.

10 Qualities of an Ideal Travel Companion

10 Qualities of an Ideal Travel Companion

3. They know how to take great pictures

Everyone wants to have not only pleasant impressions about the trip upon arrival home, but also some material memories. All tourists are photographed a lot in the hope of the very perfect picture that can be inserted into a frame and shown to friends. But there are people who either do not know how to photograph, or do not try at all. To avoid disappointment, this point must also be discussed in advance.

 4. Pickyness in food

Traveling to a new country gives you the opportunity to taste the unique dishes of the local cuisine. It is best to have similar tastes in food with a fellow traveler in order to avoid unnecessary disputes when choosing a menu or institution.

10 qualities of an ideal travel companion

10 qualities of an ideal traveling companion

5. They navigate well in an unfamiliar place

It's good to have a companion who can read a map and generally has a good idea of ​​where to go. Travel is not a time for stubbornness and self-confidence, and wandering around, say, Rome, looking for nearby attractions with someone who knows the place well, can make life much easier.

 6. Spontaneity

Sometimes when traveling, you want to drastically change your plans or just walk the streets of a new city all day without a clear direction. This is how some of the best memories are born, and the company of a person who will support all crazy ideas will only be a plus.

 7. Generosity

Vacations are so much more fun when you don't have to count every penny to get the bill right. Paying for cocktails at a bar or sharing things you need for a trip is not difficult if a person is not stingy in helping his fellow traveler.

10 qualities of an ideal travel companion

10 qualities of ideal travel companions

 8. Similar budget

This point follows from the previous one. If you like to stay in hostels and your partner likes to stay in five-star hotels, there can be problems. It is important to know in advance what the fellow traveler's budget is and how much he plans to spend on food, accommodation and entertainment.

9. Openness and friendliness

Sociability and lack of embarrassment will help when you need to ask for directions or meet other travelers or locals.

 10. Respect for other cultures

Respect for other cultures and customs is especially important when visiting sparsely populated remote towns or places where English is not the first language. Traveling with someone who readily learns a couple of phrases in the local language, observes local customs, and tastes local cuisine with an open mind means that the trip will be much more enjoyable for both of you.

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