25,600 Russians entered EU countries last week

25 600 Russians entered EU countries last week

According to the report, how and in the previous week, the majority of Russian tourists have residence permits or visas to EU states or associated countries of the Schengen area. The rest — persons with dual citizenship.

According to Frontex, the partial mobilization of Russian citizens has now led to an increase in the number of border crossings, mainly to visa-free and other easily accessible countries, such as Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia .

Frontex cites statistics: over the past week from 3 to 9 October, about 25,600 Russian citizens entered the EU — This is two times less than a week ago. Most of them — men aged between 18 and 65.

Experts say the flow of Russians will decrease going forward as the EU adopts stricter visa rules and Russian authorities set up mobile military enlistment offices near border crossings.

< p>As of September 28, the agency reported that more than 1,303,000 Russian citizens entered the EU. At the same time, more than 1,273,000 Russian citizens have returned to Russia.

From 19 to 25 September, almost 66,000 Russian citizens entered Europe, up 30 percent from the previous week. Most of them arrived in Finland and Estonia.

Recall that the neighboring countries of the EU — Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland — imposed restrictions on Russian citizens, and on September 19 banned them from entering and stopped issuing Schengen visas.

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