6 Taiwanese household habits that are strange to us

6 strange household items for us habits of the Taiwanese

Asian culture, in general, Europeans sometimes seem a bit alien. But plus, each country has its own oddities and chips. And Taiwan is no exception here, it has its own everyday habits, which, by the way, often differ from Chinese ones, despite the proximity of the countries.

Invite friends to eat, not drink

In Taiwan, no one invites friends to “drink coffee” or “have a drink.” Instead, they are invited to eat together.

This habit can also be found in Chinese culture, where they love to eat and combine lunches and dinners with meetings – romantic, business, any .

 6 Taiwanese habits that are strange to us

Take a Selfie

All over the world, taking selfies has become the norm in the last five years. But in Taiwan, locals love this activity especially. They film themselves here in line (of which, by the way, there are many), on the bus, everywhere.

They pout their lips, smile, straighten their hair. So the locals save pleasant moments. And myself in them.

6 Weird Taiwanese Living Habits

Make surroundings more cute

In Taiwan, the idea of ​​making ordinary everyday objects more cute is very popular. It came here from Japan where there is a kawaii culture.

Taiwanese love cute toothbrush holders, cartoon dish sponges, and even a bedside table in the office can be decorated with some silicone ears.

6 Taiwanese habits that are strange to us

6 Taiwanese household habits that are strange to us

Say whatever you think

In Taiwan, people can easily ask what's wrong with your hair, why your skin looks so bad – are you tired or is it an allergy.

Many questions and comments from locals in our culture would be considered tactless. In Taiwan, they are considered a manifestation of attention, and no one wants to offend the interlocutor. On the contrary, they ask him questions to maybe help with something.

6 Taiwanese habits that are strange to us

Work off schedule

There is no fixed business day in Taiwan. A lot of people work odd hours, evenings or weekends.

For example, here you can easily go to the hairdresser at ten in the evening or to the dentist at nine. For this reason, there are many convenience stores, and there is even the world's first 24-hour bookstore.

Use an umbrella

Locals love umbrellas. But, unlike the Koreans, who pick up umbrellas for every look, the Taiwanese are somehow simpler about them. But on the other hand, they are used not only in rain, but also in sunny weather to escape sunburn.

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