A parcel of uranium from Oman found at London's Heathrow

A package of uranium from Oman was found at London Heathrow

It is assumed that The dangerous package arrived in London on a flight from Muscat, the capital of Oman. Oman Air is currently the only direct flight serving Heathrow from Muscat. It is controlled by the government of the country.

Local media reports that the cargo was sent from Pakistan, then sent to Oman, and then already loaded on a flight to the UK. The same sources claim that the package was supposed to be smuggled to a group of Iranians based in the UK before it was intercepted by security.

Shortly after the shipment arrived at Heathrow, it was handed over according to standard procedure to a cargo warehouse, where special CBRN scanners alerted workers to a potential threat. UK Border Force officers were sent to the warehouse and full-scale security measures were put in place.

It turned out that the cargo arrived at Heathrow on December 29, but the news of the discovery became public only now.

In an attempt to allay concerns about a potential terrorist threat, police said the amount of “material” was “extremely insignificant” and does not pose a threat to the public.

“While the investigation is still ongoing, based on the results so far, it does not appear to involve any direct threat,” — consider the police. “However, we will continue to monitor all available avenues of investigation to ensure this is definitely the case.”

Some commentators, however, say that this submission — just one of many that ended in failure as part of a larger terrorist plot that could even include a dirty bomb attack. excellent opportunities” security services in ports across the UK to detect and isolate potential threats.

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