After all, we deserve it: 14 best destinations for February 14

Because we deserve it: 14 best destinations for February 14

Love knows no boundaries and barriers, and February 14th is a good reason to spend a long-awaited vacation in the company of your soul mate. From “Subtleties” – help with choosing the best destinations where tourists are expected no matter what. From you – a romantic infusion and a bunch of photos.

1. Cuba

It is not without reason that Cuba is called the island of love, and also of freedom and Roma. If not there, then where should a couple in love go? The resorts of Cayo Coco and Cayo Santa Maria seem to be made for l'amour toujours against the backdrop of clear turquoise seas, evergreen palms and endless cocktails of all colors of the rainbow. Particularly pleased with direct flights and reasonable prices for tours. In February, the island has the best weather: the ocean is calm and clear, the water is at the ideal temperature, and sunbathing on the sand that looks like powdered sugar will bring a lot of pleasure.

2. Maldives

An option for those who want to waste money. The direction is not budgetary, but the “most-most” for lovers. Probably every couple dreams of spending a romantic vacation in the Maldives, and even more so – going there on February 14th. Private vacation in luxury bungalows, gourmet dinners on the beach, impeccable service – the resorts of the islands know how to keep the brand. At JA Manafaru, you can escape to a desert island for the day and plunge into gastronomic pleasure, enjoying the inviting spicy aromas of Maldivian and Asian delicacies cooked on the grill. Personal chef and waiter are responsible for comfort.

3. Zanzibar

Well, where without it! Last winter season, this island was a real hit, but you can fly there today. First of all, because it is warm, the sea and palm trees, and there are no restrictions on entry. At the same time, tours to Zanzibar do not cost space money, but African exotics there over the edge. You can choose some unusual hotel, like Dhow Palace, located in a historic building, and enjoy your vacation with might and main.

4. Mexico

Mexico is not only a quality beach holiday, but also an immersion in an incredibly vibrant and original culture. In the same touristy Cancun or Playa del Carmen, at every step you will encounter an unforgettable flavor: houses painted in bright colors, sweet-voiced mariachis, incomparable local cuisine with gouge-eye sauces. And the Caribbean Sea does not need additional advertising. 2w/6t2w7to8rvs4c4wwwc0o4wgs8.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

After all we deserve it: 14 best destinations for February 14


5. Dubai

In Dubai, every whim will be fulfilled for your money. Now the entire tourism industry works there: excursions, shopping malls, restaurants. In February, in Dubai, there is no stupefying heat: you can comfortably ride around the sights, go to the desert to meet the Bedouins, or admire the wonders of futuristic architecture all day long. In addition to the classic celebration for all lovers at the JA The Resort, couples are offered to compete with Cupid in the JA Shooting Club. Guests can choose to shoot indoor pistols or outdoor skeet shooting.

6. Egypt

If in doubt where to go, good old Egypt will definitely not let you down. The hotels of Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Taba and Marsa Alam still offer many favorite all inclusive. For newlyweds and couples in love – swans made of towels and rose petals on the bed in the room (a classic of the genre!), And on February 14 they can also please with a compliment in the form of a gala dinner. Useful: 7 wonders of Egypt, which not everyone knows about.

7. Istanbul

In February, there is nothing to do at the beach resorts of Turkey, so fly to Istanbul. The city is incredibly beautiful at any time of the year. The rest will turn out to be quite budgetary due to the off-season and full of impressions. /67/f6/67f6rl44hm4ow0g40w8g8k4kw.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

After all we deserve it: 14 best destinations for February 14


8. Montenegro

At first glance, the solution is not obvious. February Montenegro is the deserted stone streets of Kotor, Budva and Herceg Novi, rows of snow-white yachts moored in the Tivat marina, lifeless seafood restaurants on small cozy beaches, waiting for the opening of the season. And in the midst of all this – lovers, as if alone in the whole world. Rent a car and explore this small country far and wide.

9. Sochi

In any incomprehensible situation, including February 14, go to Sochi! In the past few months, this has become a motto for many tourists. The local entertainment industry quickly adapted to the situation and today there is nothing on our Black Sea coast. On Valentine's Day there will certainly be special programs in hotels and restaurants.

10. Yalta

Winter Yalta is beautiful: the roar of a stormy sea, deserted embankments, snow on the palm trees and cypresses of the Seaside Park. And, of course, architecture – magnificent 19th-century mansions that remember the rustle of ball gowns and the sounds of a mazurka. The choice of hotels is for every taste and color. Here are 7 more reasons to go to the Crimea in the off-season. It is very romantic to settle in some villa in a room with carved, velvet-covered furniture, and go down the front marble staircase for breakfast.

11. Podmoskovye

The resorts of the Podmoskovye will give odds to many foreign resorts. As a rule, these are large complexes with swimming pools, spas and all kinds of entertainment. Quite often – on all inclusive. On holidays, the administration comes up with special package offers for tourists, and February 14 is no exception. Take a closer look, for example, at the Yahonty Noginsk and Mistral Hotel & Spa hotels.

12. Vyborg

For those who miss European architecture, Vyborg is an opportunity to refresh memories of past travels. Even if it is not ideal there, and much has not been restored after many years of destruction, all the same, these stone pavements, a harsh knight's castle and a recognizable northern modernist style will make hearts beat faster. You can warm up after a long winter walk and immerse yourself in the Middle Ages in the Round Tower restaurant on the Market Square.

13. Arkhyz

Not as popular as Dombay, but just as picturesque and more democratic. And the new ski cluster in Arkhyz is just a feast for the eyes. Especially the five-star Arkhyz Royal Resort & Spa is just for lovers. Even if you are not a fan of winter sports, the views of the snow-covered Caucasus Range will not leave you indifferent. And also – horseback riding, ATV tours and good Caucasian cuisine.

14. Yaroslavl

Do you want to see a real Russian winter with meter-long snowdrifts? You are in Yaroslavl, whose snow-covered golden domes and the light of lanterns on the embankment of the icy Volga fascinate. Even if there is no snow, the beauty of this city will not go anywhere. If you get tired of walking along the streets, welcome to museums, preferably private ones, located in picturesque estates and with interesting interactive programs.

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