Aggravation of the situation with dengue fever in Thailand

The aggravation of the situation with dengue fever in Thailand

According to the Thai media, the Ministry of Health of Thailand initiated an “aggressive campaign”; to combat the main spreaders of the disease – mosquitoes and other insects.

If earlier it was about two or three provinces where outbreaks of the disease were recorded, now we are talking about a “nationwide surge”; – up to 5,000 new patients are diagnosed every week in 18 provinces in Thailand. In this regard, it was decided to create special epidemiological teams to combat the spread of the disease. The task of the special teams – extermination of mosquitoes and their larvae + informing the public and tourists about precautions and what to do if unhealthy signs are detected.

These teams have very wide powers – they have the right to enter any premises (private house, apartment, hotel room) and carry out disinfection without obtaining the permission of residents. This moment should be borne in mind by Russian tourists who are going to visit the resorts of Thailand in the near future. 

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