Airbus A320 returned to the airport due to a fire in the right engine

Airbus A320 returned to the airport due to a fire in the right engine

An Airbus A320-200 Viva Aerobus with registration XA-VAJ must was to operate scheduled flight VB518 between Guadalajara and Los Angeles. The take-off took place at 22:03 local time and less than an hour later the pilots were forced to return to Guadalajara due to the failure of the right engine V2500 manufactured by International Aero Engines.

According to eyewitnesses, the plane broke away from the runway #10 when passengers heard a loud hum from the right engine. Flames and sparks were later seen. At 4,000 meters, the crew stopped climbing, turned off the engine and returned to Guadalajara. The commander landed the plane safely. As a result of the incident, the flight was delayed by almost 12 hours. Flight VB518 took off again on Wednesday at 6:50 a.m. on an Airbus A320neo.

Airbus A320, which had an engine failure, remained parked in Guadalajara as of Wednesday afternoon.

Age of the Airbus A320- 200 Viva Aerobus — a little over 7 years. Layout — one cabin, accommodating 186 passengers. It is one of 20 A320-200s currently operated by Viva Aerobus. The low-cost airline also has 20 A320neos, nine A321-200s and 13 A321neos. The company expects to receive 33 more copies of the A321neo.

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