Airlines are moving away from traditional phone call centers

Airlines have begun to abandon traditional telephone call centers

The airline will no longer ask questions or resolve customer problems on the phone. Instead, the carrier encourages travelers to use a “live” chat on the official website or contact employees through social networks.

The carrier confirms that if customers want to contact the airline, they will have to do it online. Statistics show that the majority of customers prefer to communicate via digital channels. Passengers can visit the airline's website and first interact with a chatbot that provides answers to the most common questions. If real-time human agent support is required, there is chat available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as general social media channels and WhatsApp.

The full transition from phone to internet has been completed November. 

When travelers call Frontier's phone number, they will now hear an automated message that says, “At Frontier, we offer the lowest fares in the industry, running our airline as efficiently as possible. Our customers can find what they need on the website or in our mobile app. We also have a chat service available 24/7.  That is, it is not even offered to talk to a live agent on the phone.

Measures to reduce costs were taken a few months after the low-cost airline reduced the weight limit of checked baggage on its flights to a maximum of 18 kg. In addition, the airline has begun charging additional fees for seat selection.

As a reminder, last month the Department of Transportation fined the airline more than $200 million for failing to refund customers whose flights were delayed or canceled.


In November, Frontier launched the GoWild Unlimited Pass! It is valid for an unlimited number of flights throughout the year — more than 300 days a year, excluding public holidays. The pass is currently on sale for $799 and will cost $1,999 with annual renewal.

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