Algeria and Somalia lift coronavirus restrictions for tourists

Ethiopia, Peru, Thailand and Taiwan have previously announced a waiver of covid restrictions for tourists

Algeria and Somalia have lifted coronavirus restrictions for tourists

Algeria and Somalia have completely lifted restrictions on the entry of foreigners related to with the spread of the coronavirus. Tourists do not need to take PCR tests before departure and present their results when crossing borders. Certificates of vaccination against COVID-19 are also not required.

Information about the lifting of restrictions in Algeria was published by the local airline Air Algeria – the website of the Algerian Ministry of Health is not working. The Ministry of Health of Somalia has posted a new order on its resource. In the text of the decree, both guests and local residents are still recommended to follow preventive measures and get vaccinated.

Russia and Algeria are connected by direct flights: liners run twice a week between Moscow's Sheremetyevo and Houari Boumediene Airport . A one-way ticket costs at least 22.7 thousand rubles.

 You cannot get to Somalia without air transfers, the fastest option is through Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines. The trip will cost almost 53 thousand rubles, although, given the unstable situation in the country, few people will be interested in the offer. The same applies to Algeria, where tourists from Russia get extremely rarely.

Ethiopia, Peru, Thailand and Taiwan have previously reported waivers of covid restrictions for tourists.

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