Americans and Canadians: 9 main differences through the eyes of a foreigner

Americans and Canadians: 9 main differences through the eyes of a foreigner

Looking at Keanu Reeves, Ryan Gosling and other prominent American Canadians, it seems that they are not much different from those who were born and raised in the USA. Both nations speak English and share a similar colonial history. However, the “Subtleties” were convinced: the trained eye of a foreigner is able to discern 9 cardinal differences at once.

1. Pronunciation and manner of speaking

Residents of Canada love to draw the sounds “o” and “a”. Even in border towns where the population has long been mixed up, a native Canadian will give himself away by singing words. The American will almost eat the sound “s” in the word “paste”, and his northern neighbor, on the contrary, will make a long accent, something like “pa-s-s-s-ta” will turn out. And Canadians like to insert “uh-uh-uh” in a conversation between words. Awkward pauses have nothing to do with it, this is a style of communication. In Canada, this is how it should be: 6 unexpected features of local life.

2. Emotionality

Americans gesticulate, talk loudly and laugh. But their neighbors are more restrained in the manifestation of emotions. They rarely fight in public. Making a scandal in a public place is as unacceptable for a Canadian as walking naked down the street.

3. Slang

Canadians almost never use slang. A foreigner will understand a Canadian more easily because his vocabulary will not contain words like: a danish (all pastries, not just cupcakes) or imma(flawless, from immaculate). In the United States, residents of different states sometimes experience difficulties in understanding each other: there is enough near-criminal slang and words that are used only within a particular city or diaspora.

4. Politeness

Canadians are always correct in relation to the interlocutor and rarely start an argument. They often say “I'm sorry” and “I'm sorry”, although it's not always their fault. Rather, it is a way to get your point across to your opponent without hurting his feelings. How is our wedding different from the American one?

5. Social distancing

Most Americans are easy to get in touch with. They are sociable, can talk for a long time about the house or hobbies. From the interlocutor, they require the same involvement in the communication process. Canadians in this sense are introverts. They build trust gradually. Perhaps this openness of Americans is due to the fact that they often move, so adapting to a new place and making friends is a required social skill for survival.

6. Sports and politics

If you want to find out who is in front of you: an American or a Canadian, ask about your favorite sport. If a hockey fan is a Canadian, a football fan (American, of course, not this soccer of yours) is an American.

The people of the United States are involved in politics. They know the names of the senators, seriously discuss the differences between the programs of Republicans and Democrats. Canadians are more relaxed. The political situation in the country is one of the latest topics for discussion. /5b/oy/5boyibvnsq04c0okckc40ck4w.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Americans and Canadians: Top 9 differences through the eyes of a foreigner

7. Attitude towards money

An American, if he is not a pathological miser, calmly parted with money. When the restaurant brings the bill, he just looks at the amount and pays. The Canadian is more attentive in financial matters. First, he will study the account in detail and only then will he get the wallet. This approach extends to everything from buying a house to shopping in a supermarket.

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8. Appearance

The visual difference between US residents and Canadians is small, but it is still there. The former love a tan, so they stand out against the background of their pale North American counterparts. If a person wears dark glasses at any time of the day, he is probably from the United States. A fanny pack is another sure sign of an American.

9. Shoes at the doorstep

A man entered the apartment and took off his shoes in the corridor – in front of you is a Canadian. It's all about the local climate: frequent rains and heavy snowfalls are common. An American never takes off, he does not even always understand the meaning of such a request.

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