Amsterdam imposes a ban on several popular types of tourism

Amsterdam imposes a ban on several popular types of tourism

The new decision was made due to too liberal laws of the capital of the Netherlands regarding drugs, alcohol, and sex that have given this city a reputation for “everything is possible.”

According to the authorities, foreign tourists took advantage of this image of the city, thereby creating new problems for it.

In this regard, the Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam Sofjan Mbarki stressed the need for such a solution: “Amsterdam — a global city, therefore interested in foreign interest and revitalization, but in order to keep our city livable, we need to choose limits instead of irresponsible growth.

Amsterdam is reported to receive over 20 million foreign visitors annually, making this city one of the most famous cities in Europe. Today, however, the Amsterdam authorities are trying to reduce the number of travelers by the spring of next year, preventing some of the popular types of recreation.

It was emphasized that tourists who use cannabis and drugs, as well as sex tourists, will not be allowed to enter the capital of the Netherlands .

Despite the restrictions placed on travelers from the aforementioned categories, the Amsterdam authorities continue to keep their doors open for other guests. It is acknowledged that most foreigners are making a positive contribution to the city.

Earlier this year, Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema stressed that the city plans to close all marijuana coffee shops to keep the local soft drug market under control.

“Many of the city's major problems are fueled by the cannabis market, from drug tourism troubles to serious crime and violence. Banning sales to tourists is a necessary intervention and the first step towards regulation, — emphasized the mayor of the capital.

According to a study conducted by local authorities, it is enough to leave 66 out of 166 licensed coffee shops in the capital of the Netherlands to meet local demand.

A study conducted by the government of the Netherlands showed that in a total of 58 percent of foreign travelers who reached the country's capital chose this particular city for the purpose of drug use.

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