Are the British ashamed of the behavior of compatriots on vacation

Are the British ashamed of the behavior of their compatriots on vacation

Say what you like, but our mass consciousness still does not approve of too rollicking behavior on vacation. Particularly distinguished fellow citizens are subjected to virtual ostracism and are called “Tagil”. But for the British, everything is much simpler: they are sure that during the holidays a person is free to do whatever he pleases. No judgment, and here's why.

You need to enjoy the benefits

Great Britain is an expensive country. Alcohol costs more than in Turkey, Greece and Croatia, where His Majesty's subjects prefer to relax. Getting more for less is an offer you can't refuse. The state of extreme intoxication is just an unpleasant side effect. Unpleasant for others, of course.

Holidays should be remembered

Young Britons often go to Spain to party. This is the nearest country with hot sun, warm sea, loud music and bars at every turn. Climbing on hotel balconies, falling asleep on your face in the sand on the beach, decorating a passed out comrade are typical two-week vacation entertainments.

“Everything that happens in Spain stays in Spain” – this is how the well-known slogan can be reworked in the case of the British on vacation.

Down with suspiciousness

The resort is the best place to try on a new role: to become a star of the dance floor, karaoke, whatever. Where else, if not on vacation, to wear bright or strange clothes. If someone doesn't like it, the British don't care.

Nudism – why not?

It is customary to undress on the beach, so why can't you take off all your clothes. This question is asked not only by the British, but also by the British. The desire to show everything that is hidden often causes a scandal at the resorts. In 2018, the mayor's office of Magaluf (Majorca) even launched an awareness campaign among visitors from the United Kingdom so that they would not be completely naked.

Residents of Albion believe that one should not be ashamed of one's body, and condemning a person for undressing in the heat is absurd.

The British are not to blame for the fact that many people understand English

< p>English is the international language of communication. If somewhere there was a dispute and obscene insults in the language of Shakespeare rained down, it is likely that the British were involved in the conflict. But a skirmish in Hindi, Arabic or Swahili is unlikely to cause such a resonance, because for those around the essence of the conversation, as well as the nationality of the participants in the scandal, remains unclear.

Are the British ashamed of the behavior of their compatriots on vacation

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Snobbery is normal

Sailors, colonizers and trendsetters – the British consider themselves a great nation. Their communication with the staff of hotels and restaurants may seem arrogant. Residents of the Kingdom argue that there is no “superiority complex” here. It's just that leadership in some areas of science, culture and art leaves an imprint at the gene level, and you should not be ashamed of it.

Not greed, but thrift

The British prefer to pay by card, give meager tips or simply forget about them. According to the British, this is not a reason to be embarrassed, but only an indicator of prudence.

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