ASTA Announces New Credo That Defines Members

ASTA Announces New Credo That Defines Members

Zane Kerby speaks at ASTA Global Convention 2022 (photo courtesy ASTA)

ASTA’s first general session kicked off at the association’s 2022 Global Convention, which is taking place at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

Zane Kerby, ASTA’s president and CEO made several announcements during the session, which included several speakers, a panel session, one-on-one interviews and a fireside chat.

Kerby’s remarks centered on the critical role travel advisors played during the pandemic and the ongoing need for advocacy to ensure their ongoing success.

“The pandemic underscored not only the value of working with a travel advisor but also the need for a strong national trade association,” said Kerby. “Over 1,000 travel professionals are with us in San Francisco this week, the industry and the continued return to travel. Our program is designed to support travel advisors who are meeting unprecedented travel demand.”

While 1,000 travel advisors were in attendance live at the Global Convention, ASTA’s membership has continued to swell as noted by Marc Casto, ASTA board chair, during the session, saying that the association now has more than 17,000 members, approaching ASTA’s goal of 20,000 members by 2025.

A New Credo

ASTA’s board also asked the association for a “statement of belief,” and Kerby announced the new credo, which complements ASTA’s mission statement, during the general session. It consists of four points:

–ASTA member travel advisors are globally recognized for their skill, competence, expertise and professionalism in an increasingly complex travel ecosystem.

–ASTA member advisors regularly utilize educational resources and certifications to continuously increase their skills and knowledge.

–All ASTA members abide by the ASTA Code of Ethics, which protects the integrity of the travel industry as a whole, giving consumers confidence that they’re working with a true professional.

–ASTA travel advisors often charge clients professional fees, to reflect the value of the unique services they provide to their clients. We support this as a best practice.

Kerby noted that these core beliefs “separate ASTA member businesses from the pack.”

In addition to a new credo and more members, a new website is coming down the pike. ASTA, recognizing the need to appeal to members, potential advisors and consumers, has announced it will launch an updated, modernized website on September 1, 2022.

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