At the Finnish border, a Russian woman was arrested for violating the rules of the Schengen zone

A Russian woman was arrested at the Finnish border for violating the rules of the Schengen zone

The border guard's statement says that 3 November, the woman was heading to Russia through the Vaalimaa border crossing. The policeman found several seals about crossing the Schengen borders strange. As a result, the traveler was detained, and her passport was sent for examination.

“During the exit inspection, the tourist presented a Russian passport with a visa issued by Italy, which expires on July 5, 2023,” — the message says. « Border inspectors suspected that the Schengen border control stamps in the Russian woman's passport did not match the original stamps. Thus, evidence of the length of stay in Europe was called into question.

According to the Crime Prevention Department of the Border Guard of South-East Finland, the Russian woman illegally stayed in the Schengen area for a total of 359 days from July 9 last year to November 3 this year.

During interrogation, the Russian woman confirmed that she had received six fake Schengen border control stamps, four Serbian border control stamps and two Turkish border control stamps. In addition, she said that she paid the courier about 400 euros for the stamps.

As the Russian woman explained, she received “exit” stamps to stay in Europe longer than the validity of the visa allows.

In this regard, the district court for forgery of documents and violation of the rights of foreigners returned the Russian woman to Russia, banning her from traveling to Finland and entering it for four years.

Earlier, on October 31, in the Finnish region of Kainnu, four suspected French citizens were caught after trying to illegally cross the Finnish-Russian border in Hukkajärvi.

In the same month, authorities Finland discussed the possibility of building a fence along most of Finland's border with Russia in order to prevent Russians from unauthorized crossing the border.

In late September, the Kainuu border guard detained four foreigners after they also tried to cross the border from Russia to Finland near from the village of Tammela in Kuusamo without permits.

The same authority reported that on September 21, three people were stopped on suspicion of illegally crossing land on the Russian-Finnish border in Kuntivaare, Kuusamo.

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