Aurora hunting: where and when is the best time to watch the northern lights in Russia

Hunting for the Aurora: where and when is the best time to watch the Northern Lights in Russia

Encountering the magical—and so elusive—Aurora Borealis is a must on many travelers' bucket lists. Foreigners come for it, including to Russia, because we have enough places where aurora borealis is especially beautiful. Top locations are those in the very north of the country. The classics are Yakutia and Chukotka, the Putorana Plateau and the Taimyr Peninsula in the Krasnoyarsk Territory are considered more original, but little known. The most successful hunt for the northern lights is given away from big cities, where night sky illumination and high-rise buildings do not interfere. The season is the same everywhere – from the end of September to the end of March, but there are exceptions.

1. Arkhangelsk Region

The banks of the Northern Dvina River are considered the best point for observing the northern lights in the Arkhangelsk region. The main thing is to move along it towards the north, not south. An equally good point is the vicinity of Severodvinsk, this is the coast of the White Sea. There is a chance to catch the northern lights on the Solovetsky archipelago and in the Pinezhsky reserve. And if it doesn’t work out, then at least look at the legendary monastery and the magnificent northern nature.

2. Leningrad Region

It is believed that in the Leningrad region, the northern lights are most often seen above the horizon, and not in the sky above. So you need to follow him to where this line is clearly visible. Ideal points are the shores of local reservoirs: Vysokinsky and Ladoga lakes, the Gulf of Finland and the Sestroretsky spill. Guests of the Leningrad region are not limited to hunting for the northern lights only: there is so much more to see here! The treasury city of St. Petersburg, Peterhof, Gatchina, Pushkin with stunning palaces and parks, the fortress city of Kronstadt and the ancient Vyborg, the Tuutari Park ski resort – you can’t list everything.

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