Authorities call for new inspections of Boeing 787 Dreamliners

Authorities call for new inspections of Boeing 787 Dreamliners

In a notice of the proposed rule change, which was filed last Friday, aviation authorities issued a statement requiring operators of all 787 Dreamliner models to conduct regular visual inspections of under-sink faucet systems that are found to be leaking.

Leak risk came to light after an unnamed airline discovered a wet carpet nearby in the cabin and found a source of water down to the so-called “faucet control module” that the Dreamliner has located under the sink in the toilet.

A leak that occurs when someone washes their hands in the sink has been found to be caused by a faulty o-ring. It is clear that in everyday use a lot of water will not leak out, but in some cases a leak can damage the “critical” equipment.

The airline that found the wet carpet found similar leak problems across its entire fleet of 787 Dreamliners. The FAA did not say how many reports it has received or how many airlines are currently aware of the problem.

For now, all carriers are required to do is conduct regular inspections of the crane control module.

Bathrooms for Boeing 787s are supplied exclusively by the Japanese aircraft manufacturer Jamco. The Dreamliner is equipped with a touchless flush and faucet as standard, and a bidet system can be installed as an option.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has experienced multiple delays, including a nearly two-year pause required by the aviation regulator to conduct a thorough safety check flights. Deliveries resumed in August 2022 but were again briefly suspended earlier this year due to documentation issues.

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