Azerbaijan cancels covid entry restrictions

Azerbaijan was the last country in the near abroad where tourists required a certificate of full vaccination -2c8d2aa.jpg” alt=”Azerbaijan canceled covid entry restrictions” />

The Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan has decided to cancel the confirmation of full vaccination for foreigners who want to enter the country. The new rules  came into effect from 6 am on March 28 for those who arrive by air. 

Azerbaijan remained the last neighboring country in which Russian tourists required a certificate of full vaccination. Removing this restriction will certainly spur demand for the destination, tour business professionals say.

“I think that demand should grow. There has always been interest in Azerbaijan, but recently it has been held back by the need to present documents on full vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 and immunity,” says Oksana Bulakh, commercial director of the Alean tour operator.

According to the company, Azerbaijan ranks fourth among neighboring countries in terms of demand for organized tourists from Russia. As an expert recently commented, city breaks and excursion routes around Baku are mainly in demand here. In second place is spa treatment, a product that attracts Russians with a large number of 5* facilities and unique healing factors. “Now there is interest in a beach holiday in Azerbaijan, but this is the Caspian Sea, and the situation there is approximately the same as in Dagestan – there are very few hotels, so such tours cannot yet have much development,” Oksana Bulakh noted.

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