Believe in ghosts, don't drink milk and 5 more amazing facts about Thais

They believe in ghosts, they don't drink milk, and 5 more amazing facts about Thais

Not a single farang can fully understand a Thai, even if they are both connected by many years of friendship. They are mysterious and closed to us, we are strangers to them. Recommending a store to your European friend and then getting a percentage from the owner of the purchases of your white friend is an absolute norm for many Thais, in which they sincerely do not see ethical contradictions.

They are convinced patriots with a bias towards nationalism: the king, family and country for them are the pillars of the whole worldview. All the rest does not matter. “Subtlety” chose 7 interesting facts from the life of Thais that never cease to amaze guests from the West.

1. Sacred Rice

In Russia, bread is the head of everything, in Thailand, the attitude towards rice is approximately the same, but much more reverent. To leave at least one spoon on a plate is wastefulness and blasphemy. Doesn't fit anymore? You need to ask to wrap it with you or share it with someone. The Thai language does not have a word for “hunger”; to denote this concept, they say “have not eaten rice for a long time.” The Thais have a sign that everyone believes in: if you throw out rice, a long black streak will certainly come in life.

2. Frightening love for dolls

In the Land of the White Elephant, people believe that dolls are inhabited by children's souls. Some Thais buy such toys for themselves and wear them like with real children – they dress them, comb their hair, feed them from a spoon and take them with them for walks and to the movies. It is believed that such an “angel doll” brings good luck in business: the better the owner takes care of his talisman, the more generously he will receive for diligence. 5 rules of Thai life that surprise us (but also teach us a lot).

3. The wisdom of social status

A clear hierarchy in the family and at work is due to the peculiarities of the Thai mentality. The boss, for example, is considered almost a god, and colleagues with lower positions bow to their seniors. At the same time, people with high status do not boast of their position and do not demonstrate their superiority – they quite calmly dine in a cafe with representatives from less privileged sections of society. However, no one forgets about the difference in status.

Thais are convinced patriots with a bias towards nationalism: the king, family and country for them are the pillars of the whole worldview. All the rest does not matter.

4. Spirits are everywhere

Thais in all seriousness believe in ghosts and other evil spirits, periodically arranging ceremonies for the expulsion of evil spirits. One of the popular rituals is to make a loud noise during a lunar eclipse in order to prevent the fiends of the other world from swallowing the moon. For good spirits, they build fancy houses. Not a single Thai undertaking is complete without an offering to the spirits – whether it is the opening of a store, matchmaking or the start of a new project.

5. Service in the army is a lucky ticket

In Thailand, enlisting in the military is a great honor. Even Buddhist monks aspire to go there. There is no end to those who really want, and the state is forced to carry out screenings. After passing the medical examination, eligible applicants draw cards: they pulled out a red one – welcome to the ranks of recruits, a black one – no luck (read: did not please the spirits enough).

6. Burning tom yum is not a favorite at all

Contrary to popular stereotypes, not all Thais love spicy food. Many choose European food, and when preparing national dishes, they do not cover them with hot spices, preferring a moderate taste. By the way, they eat quite often and a lot: 6-7 times a day, and in such portions that the average farang can hardly master. Fried locusts and other cockroaches as seeds are almost a 100% tourist attraction. Most people in Thailand consume these delicacies very rarely.

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7. Miracle Metabolism

A typical picture: Bangkok, the heat at +35 ° C with humidity under 100%, and office workers in long-sleeved shirts and ties briskly walk along the hot streets. Habitual Thais sweat a little, do not “smell” and generally feel good in such heat. And they don't get fat by eating an incredible amount of food. This is not about fast food, of course, but about traditional food. It's simple: they were lucky with their metabolism.

Many Thais, like other Asians, do not drink or eat milk derivatives due to lactose intolerance. But not all – there are people who are quite tolerant to milk sugar.

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