Bermuda Eases Entry Requirements, COVID-19 Protocols

Bermuda Eases Entry Requirements, COVID-19 Protocols

St. Georges, Bermuda (Photo via wwing / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

In aftermath of the Centers for Disease Control and Protection’s relaxation of COVID protocols, unvaccinated travelers will be able to visit Bermuda, effective Aug. 22, 2022.

Previously, unvaccinated travelers 12 and older were required to apply for a medical vaccination exemption in order to visit Bermuda no less than 10 days before arrival.

Now, unvaccinated visitors are required to take a COVID test no more than two days before arriving in Bermuda and retest four days later. They can also opt to take a COVID test at the airport upon arrival.

Travelers will be required to test again on day four, but there is no quarantine or 10-day test.

“The pandemic is not over, but today, Bermuda has the necessary tools and processes in place to protect ourselves and our communities,” said British Tourism Authority Interim CEO Tracy Berkeley. “Our updated travel protocols will streamline the process for visiting our island, further boosting Bermuda’s tourism comeback in 2022.”

Travelers must be in possession of travel insurance, which needs to be uploaded onto the Bermuda government website along with their Travel Authorization application for approval.

“Residents who previously traveled with proof of recent recovery from COVID or with a medical exemption from vaccination, no longer need to provide that proof or get that exemption,” the Bermuda government said.

“Instead, those residents will fall into the category of an unvaccinated resident and follow that testing regime: pre-arrival test and day four test or arrival test and day for test.”

On the cruise front, unvaccinated passengers are required to take a COVID test no more than two days before departing the port.

“Depending on the time it takes to travel to Bermuda, they may need to test again before disembarking in Bermuda,” the Bermuda government said.

“This is familiar territory for the cruise lines as Bermuda already requires additional testing for vaccinated travelers when the journey to Bermuda is longer than four days.”

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