Boeing 737 MAX makes emergency landing at Havana airport

Boeing 737 MAX made an emergency landing at Havana Airport

Sunday, March 5, Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 was forced to make an emergency landing in Cuba due to the attack of a flock of birds. The plane was taking off when it collided with some birds that had appeared over the airfield. It is not known why the technology to scare away birds from the airport did not work.

Here is what the official statement from the airline says: “Southwest Flight 3923, flying from the capital of Cuba, Havana, to Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA), shortly after takeoff, was hit by birds in the engine and nose cone of a Boeing. The pilots returned safely to Havana, the passengers left the plane using the evacuation slides. There was smoke in the cabin. Passengers and crew were taken by bus to the terminal and will be taken to Fort Lauderdale on another flight. We highly appreciate the prompt and professional actions of our pilots and cabin crew. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience caused».

The Boeing 737 MAX 8, which operated flight WN3923, was received from the manufacturer only 5 months ago.

The description of the situation by the passengers of the ill-fated flight is over “colourful”. Despite the fact that the Southwest crew quickly and professionally dealt with the incident, a real panic broke out in the cabin. The horror was caused almost simultaneously in the cabin: explosion-like sounds, falling oxygen masks and thick, acrid smoke.

A source at the airport confirmed that “the plane landed in the area of ​​​​the runway closest to Terminal 3 Firefighters and ambulances arrived, but no details are known yet, the whole place is cordoned off.

No passengers were seriously injured as a result of the incident, although the risks when using evacuation slides are always high.

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