Boeing pilots were able to land the plane without the front landing gear

Boeing pilots were able to land the plane without the front landing gear


Despite to the fact that the compartment doors of the front landing gear of the passenger “Boeing” fully opened, the wheels remained locked in the raised position.

All 96 passengers and 5 crew members aboard Delta Flight DL1092 managed to evacuate using emergency inflatable slides. The incident occurred at Charlotte International Airport at 08:40 am on Wednesday, June 28.

According to preliminary information, the pilots received a report about a malfunction of the nose gear mechanism, after which they flew around the airport tower at low altitude to ensure air traffic controllers whether the landing gear is extended.

A Delta spokesperson explained: “Visual inspection showed that the doors of the nose landing gear compartment were open, but the nose landing gear itself was stuck inside.”

Failed to extend the landing gear , the pilots nevertheless decided to land on the runway. The landing was successful and there were no reports of casualties. All passengers were taken by bus to the terminal. Boeing itself continued to remain on the runway, waiting for experts and further towing. Airport officials predict numerous delays and cancellations of flights as a result of the accident.

The airline has apologized to customers.

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