Botox in the lips, silicone in the hump: camel beauty contest in the UAE

Botox in the lips, silicone in the hump: camel beauty pageant in the UAE

Every year at the end of October, Abu Dhabi hosts a festival dedicated to Bedouin culture. Up to 40 thousand people come to the outskirts of the Rub al-Khali desert to see people and show themselves. Show in falconry, races on thoroughbred Arabian horses, races Saluk (the most ancient breed of greyhounds), participate in an exhibition of crafts. But the central and most exciting event of the festival is a beauty contest among camels.

Million Beauty

Thousands of camels from all over the Arabian Peninsula are brought to the bride, there are no males. Do not look for sex discrimination here: just one-humped ladies are distinguished by a more meek disposition. Strict judges meticulously evaluate each part of the body and give points. Camel beauty standards are painted in every detail: curled eyelashes, a symmetrical hump, long ears, a plump lower lip and a graceful gait, like a true lady. The list of requirements for candidates is long.

At stake are serious cash prizes, cars and other valuable gifts. But these are all trifles: the cost of the winner of the competition skyrockets, for such a beauty in the camel market they ask (and receive) several million dirhams.

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