Boys will love: sports cars, tanks and yachts, or 4 reasons to visit Togliatti

Boys will love: sports cars, tanks and yachts, or 4 reasons to visit Tolyatti

Togliatti is not only the industrial giant AvtoVAZ, although it is thanks to him that the city is known throughout Russia. This is the amazing beauty of the Zhiguli Mountains and the Kuibyshev reservoir, a real pine forest in the middle of city blocks, ski slopes, sanatoriums and many activities for tourists – from museum races to tasting local cognac. The picky “Subtleties” have chosen four places in the city that are definitely worth putting at the very top of the list. But first, we should pay tribute to Tatishchev, the founder of the city. Yes, it is strange that Tatishchev, who lived in the 18th century, founded the rather young Togliatti, but history will clarify everything: the former Stavropol, which Vasily Nikitich founded, was flooded during the creation of the Kuibyshev reservoir and moved to a higher place. Since 1964 it has been known as Tolyatti.

1. Stela-panel “Joy of Labor”

Near the Volgar Stadium and the Italian Square in the Avtozavodskoy District there is an impressive creation of the Soviet era – a mosaic panel 100 by 5 m, created by the artist Yu.K.Korolev in the late 1970s. It depicts important milestones in the formation of the Soviet state and people's achievements. Colorful scenes, laid out in smalt mosaics, even now look bright and monumental, despite the current very deplorable state. In total, the monument took more than 3.5 million mosaic elements. The panel has already begun to be restored, and during the work the stele is fenced, but there is an opportunity to come and see. Togliatti residents hope for a speedy restoration of the Joy of Labor.

2. AvtoVAZ Museum

The museum can be visited by anyone: it is located outside the factory in an open area. It is better to take a tour where the guide will take you through the exhibition halls and tell you about the cars. One of the interesting exhibits is the very first Zhiguli model, its prototype Fiat honestly stands next to it. You can see the similarities and differences between the two cars: it turns out that about 800 changes were made to the Zhiguli.” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Boys will love: sports cars, tanks and yachts, or 4 reasons to visit Tolyatti

Also in the museum there is a car with the names of all employees who have ever worked at the plant. Sometimes you can watch a very sensitive scene: an AvtoVAZ pensioner enters the hall, goes straight to the exhibit and looks for his last name. By the way, “Zhiguli” became “Lada” when entering the international market, because of the discordant sound in some European languages ​​(almost like gigolo). And the Lada is a boat on the Volga.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the exposition is concepts and prototypes from different years, as well as sports cars: Lada Rodster, Lada Revolution, Lada C Concept, Lada Xray and many others.

At the factory, they follow the rule – to come to work in a car of their own production. Parking lots with a bunch of various Zhiguli cars stretch along all the shops.1/1

3. Park complex of the history of technology named after K. G. Sakharov

One of the most interesting technical museums in the country is located opposite the administrative building of AvtoVAZ. On an area of ​​38 hectares, hundreds of samples of military equipment are presented, from the times of the Second World War to modern ones: artillery mounts, anti-aircraft systems, tanks, helicopters, planes. There is even a submarine, which almost under its own power reached Tolyatti from Kronstadt. For groups, a guided tour is conducted – tourists are taken around the territory, told about the exhibits, and then they are given time for an independent inspection. All equipment can be touched. 1/1

Druzhba Yacht Club

There are many yacht clubs around Tolyatti, one of the most picturesque is Druzhba, partly reminiscent of the port of the Italian town of Riccione in Emilia-Romagna and at the same time the embankment in the Netherlands. The territory has its own attraction – a lighthouse, against which spectacular photos are obtained. Entrance is only for club members, as well as when ordering a yacht rental or a banquet in a restaurant. But even from the outside, you can admire ships of different calibers and watch the training of athletes.1/1

And finally

There are many 2-4* hotels in Tolyatti. The Vega Hotel and its restaurant are recognized as a “good place” according to Yandex users, judging by the reviews, this is a strong “four” with good cuisine with local dishes, spacious rooms and excellent views from the windows. There is a shopping center in the hotel building where you can buy memorable souvenirs – Togliatti sweets and Garibaldi sausage.

For the opportunity to get to know Togliatti better, we thank the Tourist Information Center of the Samara Region (off. site).

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