Budget, but without shock and nightmare: a review of holidays in Egypt

Budget, but without shock and nightmare: a review of a holiday in Egypt

The reader of “Subtleties” OlegSliva wanted to relax in Egypt, paying strictly no more than 100 thousand for a ticket. No sooner said than done. “I am glad that now there is generally an opportunity to get out to the warm sea for that kind of money. Before the New Year, most often there are the biggest discounts, and this year it happened the same way. In August, the Ali Baba Palace 4 * hotel cost 130 thousand, we booked a tour for November for 91 thousand for two for 7 days, ”says the tourist.1/1

I booked a tour just before departure

even cheaper, but I waited until the passions for mobilization subsided in order to fly without surprises at passport control.

Departed from my favorite airport Vnukovo. Good transport accessibility, a small airport, a large selection of places to eat at an adequate price, for example, to sit in “Moo-Mu” on the second floor before a flight – this is already a tradition. It takes 6 hours to fly, but a night flight is the best option for me: sleep all the way, and upon arrival, the day is not lost, and from the very morning you are already on the wave of vacation.


Immediately breakfast, beach, and we don’t need to go to the room until dinner. Whenever I go on vacation to beach hotels, I book the simplest “standard”, and for an extra charge at the reception I ask for a “deluxe”. It works out cheaper and the relationship with the staff immediately becomes better.1/1

I can describe the hotel as a good “four” » with Egyptian features: budget, but without shock and nightmare. Here time stopped – music, interiors and atmosphere of the beginning of two thousand tenths. Not the worst option, I want to tell you & # 160; 🙂 If you are already familiar with Egypt, the budget is limited, but do not want to experiment and take something that is not clear, take a hotel from this “family”.

The staff is ordinary, as elsewhere in the country: a little lazy, a little cunning, they want a tip … The main thing is that no one is rude; if possible, give a dollar or two, but no – just say: no, but thank you very much. Words of gratitude will completely replace the dollar.

I myself saw how some tourists pose as royalty: their staff ignores them. And it does not depend on nationality or level of prosperity.

Respect yourself, respect others, be simple, then you will have a great vacation anywhere.

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