Bulgaria may switch to single European currency in 2025

Bulgaria may switch to a single European currency in 2025

According to the Ministry finance of Bulgaria, the country has already taken a number of important steps to achieve this goal, and continues to progress in the issue of joining the Eurozone.

According to Bulgarian officials, by joining the euro area, the country will become an integral part of the European community and will be able to feel political and reputational benefits, thus bringing it closer to the most developed European countries.

“Bulgaria's full integration into Europe is important given the current geopolitical and economic situation. This will not only make the country more prepared for the current and subsequent crises that it may face in the future, but will also increase its role in decision-making within the EU. year, however, high inflation, the inability to pass the necessary bills, the absence of a stable government slowed down the process.  

By the way, the current Bulgarian parliament can also be dissolved, which means that the cabinet of ministers will not be formed again.

The process of Bulgaria's entry into the Schengen area is also ongoing, and most recently Members of the European Union Parliament called for its early accession to the Schengen area.

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