Bulgaria.me: company reviews speak about the ease of immigration to Europe

Bulgaria.me is a migration company whose goal is to help clients obtain EU citizenship. Specialists offer full support for the process: preparing a dossier, searching for lost data in archives, filing with a lawyer, preparing internal documents and registering with government agencies.

Bolgaria.me: company reviews speak of the ease of immigration to Europe< /p>

You can find more information on the forums about Bolgaria.me, for example, the package of services also includes translation and apostille of documents. This allows clients to save time, because there is no need to contact special agencies. 

Bulgaria Mi reviews inspire confidence and form a positive opinion about the work and results of the company. Hundreds of satisfied immigrants thank lawyers at various independent sites, which is important, because it confirms the honesty of such an assessment.


Email: office@bolgaria.me; < br>Head office: Moscow, st. Smolenskaya, 5, BC in the “Golden Ring”; +78122431275, +79685236556 
Ukraine: Kyiv, st. Demievskaya, 43; 0 (800) 33 94 19
Bulgaria: Sofia, st. Positano, 2, 1000 Tsentar, in the BC “Perform”; +35929060942

Bulgaria.me: “Reviews inspire us” 

Reviews about the company are strewn with gratitude from customers. Immigrants share their stories, the process of cooperation and point out the benefits of working with lawyers. Applicants highlight the personal approach, the speed of the process, attention to circumstances and the ability to find a way out of a difficult situation. 

Clients write about how specialists support during the process of obtaining and take all the work upon themselves. They also mention the benefits of consultations and the readiness of experts to always answer questions.

Immigrants note that self-registration of citizenship, even under a simplified procedure, often leads to refusal. While working with a migration company increases the chances of a successful result and saves you from unnecessary worries. 


“Thank you very much Bulgaria for your help! My first experience of obtaining a Bulgarian passport was a failure because I tried to go through the process on my own. I am very glad that a colleague advised the migration experts, who quickly found the mistake and helped to collect the documents in a week! She received Bulgarian citizenship in 15 months. Lawyers are true professionals, you can safely entrust them with the case.” 

How to obtain citizenship of the EU countries with Bolgaria.me 

Among the main services of Bulgaria mi are obtaining citizenship of Romania and Bulgaria. Lawyers offer simplified repatriation programs with loyal requirements for the applicant: no need to learn the language, no need to live in the state. The term of registration takes from 1 year.

Bulgaria. me: reviews about the company speak of the ease of immigration to Europe

The applicant for repatriation must have a territorial or national affiliation, which he can document. This is the main requirement of the procedure.

The restoration of citizenship by roots is common in the CIS countries for the reason that since 1940, the Romanian people from the annexed territories settled throughout the former USSR. Many citizens of the CIS states have the corresponding roots, although they may not be aware of their right to repatriation. Therefore, Bulgarian specialists conduct genealogical analysis to find ethnicity.

About the main thing: why everyone strives to have a European passport

Many residents of the CIS countries strive to obtain EU citizenship, so it’s worth figuring out what offers a European passport.

EU citizenship is, first of all, stability and security. Immigrants who have received a passport of any country of the Union can legally live, study, work, use medical care throughout the EU.

The immigrant has great prospects in business, job search, free education at European universities and travel. EU citizens have access to 164+ countries that do not require an entry permit.

Those who moved to the EU also mention a high standard of living, which cannot be compared with the CIS countries. So, with a minimum income, there is enough finance for basic needs.

Another good reason to immigrate is an affordable mortgage with a minimum interest rate that allows you to purchase real estate. Moreover, for citizens of the union, property prices are lower than for people with a different status.

Reviews about Bolgaria.me and obtaining an EU passport

The migration company has been providing escort services and helping to obtain EU citizenship for 7 years. And this is reflected in the reputation of lawyers. Reviews about Bulgaria are diverse – someone thanks the specialists for their comprehensive support and results, someone shares their personal experience and tells stories about the move. 

Bolgaria.me: company reviews speak of the ease of immigration to Europe

The comments are inspiring, because full support provides guarantees for an accelerated process and obtaining a passport. The company's clients emphasize that the new status forever blurs the boundaries and restrictions in the life of an immigrant.

Here are the responses left by clients: 

“Bolgaria.me migration lawyers coped with task better than promised! Thank you for your hard work and results. The legal support is so comprehensive that I did not have to participate in the process at all. I went to the filing and interview, and then, together with a lawyer. The Bulgarian passport was issued in a year and 7 months. I live in Italy and there is no thought of returning to my homeland.

Why it is worth contacting Bulgaria Mi

After analyzing customer reviews and the company's service, we can draw conclusions about why it is important to cooperate with lawyers when applying for an EU passport:

  • improving guarantees for successful completion of the procedure – which is confirmed by thousands of stories of immigrants; 
    full support and control of the process by the company saves the client from bureaucratic moments and frees up the time that will be needed to plan a future move;
  • specialists help in registration internal documents of the country of obtaining citizenship, as well as provide unlimited consultations during the procedure;
  • safe cooperation – experts provide an agreement that specifies the conditions, terms and conditions of joint work.

Bulgaria Mi stands out from the competition, because specialists offer optimal programs, detailed process support, translation and apostille of documents, as well as other additional services for customer comfort.

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