Cases of dengue fever increase in Thailand

Instances of dengue fever have increased in Thailand

Thai Public Health Authority informs – more than 27 thousand cases of this terrible disease have been recorded in the kingdom. Recently, cases of dengue fever have increasingly begun to be recorded in regions that are popular with tourists from Russia.

Currently, the most dangerous areas are:

  • Chiang Mai Province – more than 1800 recorded cases (including 2 deaths);
  • Thai border zone – Cambodia – over 100 cases in the last two months. 

The main risk group – youth (from 25 to 34 years). The second risk group – teenagers and children.


Local health authorities warn that mosquitoes are the main carriers of the fever. In this regard, it is recommended:

  • Active use of repellents;
  • Hotels and clubs to ensure that there is no standing water anywhere in pools, ornamental gardens, etc. ;
  • Anyone who has a fever for 2 days should immediately consult a doctor. In this case, self-medication is extremely dangerous.

In Thailand, dengue fever – not news – cases have been reported before. But in 2023, doctors record a “shocking surge” in sick – there are 3 times more of them than in previous years, and the number of cases is growing daily. 

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