Chile's Easter Island reopens to tourists

From August 1 it is allowed to increase the number of flights and open the island for tourism

Chilean Easter Island reopens to tourists

Easter Island is widely known for its huge monolithic statues in human form. For more than two years, the island has been closed to visitors due to the pandemic. From August 1, the number of flights to Easter Island has been increased. Now tourists from all over the world will be able to fly to the island twice a week. Until August 1, only one flight per week was open for air communication with the island. It could be used by local residents.

Tourism is the main source of income for this exotic place in the country. 

Pedro Edmunds Paoa, Mayor about. Easter: “Expectations are high. People are happy to be able to visit this place. A new hosting program is being prepared now. We are happy to meet  everyone on our home island.”

The Chilean Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism reported that the island plans to improve the infrastructure of the airport, as well as strengthen work in the health sector. It is planned to provide subsidies to support local companies affected by the epidemic.

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