China to cancel coronavirus test for arrivals from August 30

Since 2020, China has maintained a “zero tolerance” policy for COVID-19

China will cancel the coronavirus test for arrivals from August 30

The Chinese authorities will no longer require a negative test from August 30 Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbing announced the test result for the COVID-19 coronavirus in arriving travelers on Monday.

“Starting from August 30, people will no longer be required to take nucleic acid or antigen tests before entering China,” Wang Wenbing said at a briefing. Details of his speech are provided by China Daily.

China began opening its borders to travelers in January this year, after three years of restrictions that have been in place since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then the Chinese authorities canceled the mandatory quarantine for arrivals, but left in place the provision of a negative test for coronavirus.

At the same time, Beijing began issuing ordinary visas and temporary residence permits for foreigners, and residents of mainland China began to receive foreign passports and tourist visas again.

In March, China resumed issuing tourist visas to foreign citizens.< /p>

Since 2020, China has maintained a “zero tolerance” policy for COVID-19, which has meant applying measures such as lockdowns and mandatory quarantine for those who come into contact with infected people. At the same time, the Chinese economy showed the lowest growth rate in almost fifty years. In December 2022, Chinese authorities began easing restrictions put in place to contain the spread of the virus, causing a surge in illness and death.

According to Worldometers, a portal that specializes in statistics on the world's most important According to events, during the pandemic in China, about 503 thousand cases of coronavirus were diagnosed and 5.2 thousand deaths were registered due to infection with COVID-19.

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