Chur, not the Hermitage: 6 best non-standard museums in St. Petersburg

Chur, not the Hermitage: 6 best non-standard museums in St. Petersburg

According to one of the surveys, St. Petersburg took first place in the ranking of Russian cities with the most interesting museums. There are more than two hundred of them in the Northern capital, and these are not only classical collections of painting and sculpture. Among the expositions in St. Petersburg one comes across the most unexpected ones – shadows and illusions, living paintings, examples of street art, and even something that cannot be. “Subtlety” tells where to go for fresh impressions, when the Hermitage, the Russian Museum and the Peter and Paul Fortress are traveled up and down.

1. Museum of Russian Railways

The main railway museum of the country (off. site) contains unique exhibits: only here you can see the C-series steam locomotive and the luxurious Chinese Eastern Railway saloon car, sit in a Class III commuter car, bypass the Sokol experimental high-speed electric train and the railway missile system ” Well done”.

Kids will love the tiny trains on the mock-up of the Tsarskoye Selo Railway and taller than human coasters.

And adults will enjoy exploring the exhibition in the company of a virtual guide and learning interesting facts through “points of interest” using the museum's mobile application. Everyone will be able to go on a VR journey on the imperial train, visit the cozy cafe “Restaurant Car” and a souvenir shop. In the first week of January, the Museum of Russian Railways is open seven days a week, December 31 and January 1 is closed. The address of the museum is Library Lane, 4 (Baltiyskaya metro station). 1/1

2. Art attractions

Art attractions (off. site) – these are three non-boring museums in the very center of St. Petersburg: the interactive “Museum of Miracles”, “House on the contrary” and “Museum of anomalies of the body”. The Museum of Wonders is a kind of portal to the world of your favorite films and cartoons: stepping over the threshold, you can find yourself in Batman's cave, get on a picnic with the Simpsons, consult with Master Yoda. Reverse House is an exciting attraction with crazy art objects. In this parallel universe, everything is upside down: a sofa on the ceiling, a chandelier on the floor, and a washing machine hung somewhere in the middle.

The Museum of Body Anomalies is a shocking panopticon: among its exhibits are a wax figure of the tallest man in the world, a cat with wings, a two-headed bear and other characters with deviations from the usual anatomy. Now Art attractions has a promotion: you can buy all three tickets to museums for the price of two, for 800 RUB.1/1

3. Museum of Lies

In this, perhaps, the most controversial museum in St. Petersburg, you can see something that is not found in nature – dragon eggs, the skeleton of a unicorn, Hermes' flying sandals and Bigfoot's footprint. Myths, legends and pseudo-scientific fantasies come to life here: innovative technologies have made it possible to create a talking statue, an alien, a mermaid and even a model of a time machine. Among the hundreds of museum exhibits are holograms, fantastic mechanisms, an artificial intelligence stand and cyborg dogs. “We offer a lot of stories, and each visitor must decide for himself what is true and what is not,” says museum founder Dmitry Mironov.1/1

4. Coffee Museum

The only Coffee Museum in Russia is housed in an old building on Voskresenskaya Embankment. Visitors are told about the history of the aromatic drink, the intricacies of growing and processing coffee beans, and the coffee traditions of different countries. Master classes will teach you how to brew delicious coffee and make cocktails based on it, and at show tastings you can learn all about different brewing methods, get acquainted with the secrets of making coffee with spices and, of course, try traditional and author's versions of coffee drinks. The variety you like can be bought in the museum shop, and a cup of good coffee is included in the ticket price. ru/sized/f550x700/91/ms/91mszbpbo5s844kc04ksccoso.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Chur, not the Hermitage: 6 best non-standard museums of St. Petersburg

5. The Universe of Water

On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, the city water utility made a gift to the residents and guests of Northern Venice: the exhibition complex “The Universe of Water” was opened in the old water tower on the territory of the enterprise. The exposition “The World of Water in St. Petersburg”, which occupies three floors, is dedicated to the history of water supply among different peoples and the water supply system of the city on the Neva. Among the exhibits are wells, wooden water pipes, copper and ceramic wash basins.

The multimedia project “The Underground World of St. Petersburg” is presented in the extension to the tower, reproducing the water cycle in a big city. And in one of the premises of the Main Waterworks there is a multimedia exhibition with interactive exhibits that tells about the properties of water and its importance in human life.1/1

6. Museum of Emotions

In 7 halls of this unusual museum, with the help of art objects, light, smells and sounds, the atmosphere of basic emotions is recreated: anger, surprise, disgust, love, fear, joy and inspiration. The interactive exposition allows each visitor to get to know himself better – here you can touch the exhibits, jump, scream, take pictures and show a variety of feelings. Guides will guide you through the museum labyrinth, talk about emotional intelligence and give you the opportunity to be alone with your mood.1/1

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