Coffee and cigarettes: 7 countries where there is no culture of solid breakfasts

Coffee and cigarettes: 7 countries without a solid breakfast culture

In many countries of the world, the first meal of the day is taken very seriously: the Vietnamese prepare meat or fish soup in the morning, the Mexicans – high-calorie bean dishes, and the British have scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms and beans on a plate. But some do not bother with breakfast, limiting themselves to a cup of coffee and a simple snack. Where do these frivolous people live?

1. France

The French are not used to starting the day with a hearty meal. They are sure that breakfast should be light, so they do not eat meat, fish, salads and cheeses in the morning. The most common option is coffee with cream plus a small bun, bagel or croissant. Coffee can be replaced with hot chocolate, sweet pastries – with a baguette smeared with butter or confiture.

2. Spain

Spain also does not consider it necessary to spend too much time and effort on preparing breakfast. Traditional morning dish – churros, deep-fried choux pastry sticks. Sometimes they are stuffed with cream, covered with chocolate icing, sprinkled with powdered sugar or cinnamon. Churros are usually dipped in a cup of hot chocolate or washed down with coffee with milk. An alternative breakfast is Catalan bread. It cooks even faster: toasted slices of fresh bread are rubbed with garlic and ripe tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt. The scent of a new day!

3. Serbia

Serbs living in big cities literally have breakfast on the run: after drinking a cup of coffee at home, they stop by the bakery on their way to work to buy burek(puff pastry with minced meat or cheese) and regular drinking yogurt. All this is eaten right there, right behind the counter. True, in the countryside, breakfast is more thoroughly approached: cheese, kaymak (heavy cream), salad and scrambled eggs are served on the table. And in some places they even drink a glass of homemade brandy right in the morning.

4. Italy

Italians love to eat well over a five-course dinner, so they don't have time to get hungry in the morning. Locals never have a hearty breakfast: as a rule, they get up very early and are content with coffee with milk. As an addition, they can eat a bun, croissant, cheese sandwich or sausage.

The busiest people don't have time to have breakfast at home, so they just drink coffee at the nearest bar.

5 Belgium

Belgian breakfast is extremely simple – it is toasted bread, spread with jam, marmalade or nut paste. In extreme cases, you can eat a sandwich with cheese, cookies or gingerbread. All this is washed down with coffee, cocoa, juice, tea or milk.

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6. Australia

Traditional Australian breakfast – toast with vegemite. This is a thick dark-brown salty mass from the remains of beer wort, similar in consistency to peanut paste, and to taste like beef broth (as the Australians themselves say; many foreigners who have tasted this product do not agree with them: they find it difficult to describe the taste, but do not want a second tasting). On the table there are also sandwiches and fruits, from drinks – juice, coffee or tea.

But on weekends, when there is nowhere to rush, Australians can order a full English breakfast in a cafe. Back to the roots, so to speak.

7. Brazil

Brazilians call their breakfast just that – café da manhã, that is, “morning coffee”. An invigorating drink is the main component of the morning ritual. As a rule, it is drunk with milk and a lot of sugar. Bread, soft cheese, cold ham are served with coffee. And in the morning there are almost always fruits on the table, most often papaya.

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