Columbus, Ohio Launches Accessibility Guide

Columbus, Ohio Launches Accessibility Guide

PHOTO: Columbus, Ohio's Goodale Park in autumn. (photo via aceshot/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Experience Columbus, the destination marketing organization for Columbus, Ohio launched its new Accessibility Guide to help promote the destination as an inclusive and accessible destination, showcasing accessible hotels, restaurants, attractions and transportation around the city to help inform its travelers.

The accessibility guide provides specific guides for a variety of different accessibility needs, including mobility, vision, hearing and cognition. Over twenty attractions, hotels, restaurants and transportation options have been verified by disability inclusion experts.

Experience Columbus consulted with internationally known disability inclusion expert and universal design consultant, Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D., who said, “What makes Columbus such an inspiring and progressive city is the abundance of places and events that can be experienced and shared by all.”

“As a person who uses a manual wheelchair, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to share my perspective on how this city can be enjoyed by people of all abilities. I hope this guide affords many others the chance to take advantage of what Columbus has to offer,” Rossetti continued.

Additionally, the new guide includes tips for planning accessible meetings. The guide will include more and more businesses and organizations as they provide their accessibility information with the destination marketing organization.

One such attraction that has stepped up as an accessible and inclusive place for all guests is COSI, the Center of Science and Industry, which offers a variety of accessibility information. Children and adults with sensory needs can enjoy free sensory bags, with noise-canceling headphones, visual schedules and a variety of coping items. COSI also offers a map rating its areas by crowd level.

Besides being accessible for wheelchair users, there’s also stroller, wheelchair and electric scooter rentals available, as well as family restrooms and a calming room for anyone needing a quiet space to calm themselves. Those with hearing or vision impairments can also enjoy accessibility offerings such as assisted listening devices, Fidelio devices and more.

“We welcome visitors of all abilities to Columbus and want everyone to be able to comfortably experience and enjoy our city,” says Experience Columbus’ Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer Sarah Townes. “Our Accessibility Guide is a one-stop resource visitors and residents can use while planning an upcoming visit to Columbus or in real time while exploring the city.”

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