Comfortable hotels to appear in the historical center of Moscow

Comfortable hotels will appear in the historical center of Moscow

At the first stage, the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow selected 3 buildings , which will soon be converted into hotels with a category of at least “3 stars”.


Until July 27, 2023, potential investors can apply to bid for these buildings at a reduced rate of 49 years. The application must specify:

  • plans for the repair and reconstruction of objects (what and for how long he undertakes to do);
  • design sketches for the installation of furniture and household appliances (TVs, air conditioners , refrigerators, etc.);
  • project staffing (how many people will work, working conditions of workers, technical equipment, etc.).

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In the future, other objects may also be put up for auction, but this will depend on the results of the first tender and how investors fulfill their obligations.

Reconstruction of buildings is calculated complete by 2023. 

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