Disappointment from a holiday in Cuba: poverty, debauchery, who only likes to relax here

Disappointment from holidays in Cuba: poverty, debauchery, who only likes to relax here

Tonkosti.ru reader Svetlana Pokhilko has never been to Latin America or the Caribbean before. “My husband and I love to travel around Europe (more precisely, we loved in another life). They also rested in Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, and were in Zanzibar. Everywhere had its pros and cons, but I have never experienced such disappointment as from Cuba, ”says the tourist. Why did Liberty Island surprise her so unpleasantly?

We decided to take a tour to Cuba spontaneously

I wanted to discover a new country, because now things are not very good with the choice of directions. Took the Roc Varadero hotel for 10 nights, all inclusive. The cost of the tour is 201 thousand for two. Tour operator “Pegas Touristik”, direct flight to Varadero, 15 hours in the air. The flight is very difficult, a charter flight, do not count on comfort in flight.

Take money in euros, it's better to pay with them, we foolishly changed to pesos, then we went with a mountain of small cash.1/1

Arrived at the airport, further transfer

On arrival, when we got on the bus, they offered cocktails, but they didn’t give water, even for an additional fee. The hotel is located on the outskirts, far from the city, and a taxi in Cuba is not budgetary, it is very expensive to go to the city for a walk. Yes, and there is nothing special to see.

Varadero is a village where half of the infrastructure has also been closed. 1/1

There are many abandoned shops, bars, houses and hotels in Varadero

People live very poorly, the population is degrading. It's amazing how people manage to hate the USA, while most of the more or less normal infrastructure or hotels are built just by American companies. Now Cuba is “free”, the country of victorious socialism, but such freedom is worse than bondage. Irremovability of power, total censorship, lack of food and essential goods, crime and prostitution … Here you can go on endlessly, sorry for the people, and you don’t really want to relax surrounded by all this, some kind of feast during the plague. This could end the story, but I'll tell you about the hotel.

They settled in immediately, without waiting

The rooms are in a deplorable state, it is simply unpleasant to be there, especially in the bathroom. The room smells of sewage and dampness.

There are two pools. One of them turned green, and they did not clean it, but simply fenced it with tape.

Vacationers are mostly locals, more than half of them, the rest are from different countries. Locals behave very defiantly, they can be naked on the beach, arrange depraved dances, kiss very frankly and show feelings for each other. And this applies not only to young people, couples with children behave the same way!

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No service

No one will lift a finger to fulfill your request, even a tip does not help. The food is very meager, like in the cheapest railway station canteen. Almost all alcohol is counterfeit, bottled from large canisters of unknown origin. The hotel had several cases of alcohol poisoning. We tried to drink only bottled beer.

There were a couple of positive moments in this madness

The beach is good and clean, although it is located on the very outskirts of the resort. Animators are people who really give everything 100%. Dancing, show at the level, interesting to watch.

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