Do it in 4 hours: a guide to Rzhev

To do it in 4 hours: a guide to Rzhev

In search of a non-standard route for the weekend from Moscow, when all the sights at a distance of 50–100 km have already been mastered, you can aim for longer distances. For example, go to Rzhev and look at the famous memorial to the Soviet soldier. Moreover, it is very easy to get there from the capital – 3 hours along the M-9 highway or 4.5 hours on the Lastochka, and you are there. The town itself is small – half a day is enough to explore it.

How to get there

Take the train to Muravyevo at 6:55 at the Rizhsky railway station in Moscow, get off at the Rzhevsky Memorial station at 11:20, walk around the city, have lunch and at 16 :05 you leave back to the capital. A round-trip ticket will cost about 1500 RUB.

The memorial is located right on the M-9 highway outside the city: those who travel by car will not miss it. If you plan to arrive by Lastochka, take bus number 455 at the station, which goes straight to the monument. Back on it you can also get to the Rzhev bus station in the city center, from where it is convenient to start a walk. On the return train to Moscow, take the Rzhev-Baltiysky platform – it is located next to the bus station.

The main destination

The central object of the memorial is a grandiose 25-meter figure of a Soviet soldier, turning into a flock of cranes soaring into the sky. The birds symbolize the participants in the battles for Rzhev who died in battle in 1942–1943. There were hundreds of thousands of them. An alley with granite walls leads to the monument, on which the names of fallen soldiers are imprinted. There is also a small museum in the complex.

More to see

A couple of kilometers from the bus station, on the banks of the Volga, is the Ascension Cathedral – the main temple of the city. After examining it, take a walk along the road – there is no well-maintained embankment near Rzhev, but in some places you can go to the water and admire the picturesque landscapes. If your legs don't get tired, go further along the river to the Museum of Local Lore, located in a small merchant's mansion. Its main exhibit is an impressive diorama dedicated to the battles for Rzhev. Cross the Old Bridge to the other bank of the Volga, to the very center of the city. There are Granitsky Park with the Alley of Heroes, Victory Park and Sovetskaya Square.

Where to eat

After such a long walk, it's time to have lunch – nearby there is a Georgian restaurant Satsivi, Dodo Pizza and a couple of small cafes. On the way back to the Rzhev-Baltiysky platform, go through the Podpolshchikov park and the City Garden to the street. Kalinin. There you will see the Old Believer Church of the Intercession of the early 20th century, a beautiful red brick building built in the Russian style.

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If there is time

At the exit from the city along the Ostashkovskoye Highway, there are the Krasnoarmeyskoye Memorial and German Military Cemeteries. This is a large-scale complex, where symbolic sculptures stand among the graves of soldiers, and monumental slabs with countless names of the dead lined up along the alleys. Buses No. 1, 7, 13 go there. ci/14/ci14cqr1l08cksoko8gcw0wwg.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

To do it in 4 hours: a guide to Rzhev

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