Don't do it in Egypt: 7 things that really threaten a fine or prison

Don't do it in Egypt: 7 things that really threaten a fine or prison

In Egyptian resorts, tourists are quite loyal and often turn a blind eye to many sins of foreigners. Against this background, it is easy to lose vigilance and foolishly do something like that, for which the local authorities will simply be forced to punish. Cautious “Subtlety” reminds what exactly you should not do in Egypt, so as not to get into trouble with the law.

  1. Photos are banned in the countrymilitary, police, military equipment and strategic military facilities. Even if an administrative building or some kind of helicopter accidentally got into the frame, and this became known to the authorities, then at least the photo will be asked to be removed. In more serious situations, a careless tourist can face a fine or arrest, but in fairness it should be mentioned that this rarely happens. You will have to return home, including without spectacular photographs of the Suez Canal and the Aswan Dam – they are among the objects that are forbidden to be photographed.
  1. For negative statements about the political system, about the country in general, as well as insults to the current government or the president can be arrested. You should not talk about slippery topics not only on the street or in a hotel, but also discuss them on social networks: sometimes such comments and posts fall into the field of view of the Egyptian police, so it’s better not to risk it.

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  1. In Egypt, it is a criminal offense drinking alcohol and being intoxicated in public places. In hotels, this law does not apply, but on the streets, for example, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, you cannot appear frankly drunk. A tourist will not be imprisoned for this, but a fine will definitely be rolled in, and they will also be subjected to public censure. Locals claim that this rule is very outdated and ceased to operate in the 2000s, but forewarned is forearmed. So we said, and you decide for yourself.

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  • It is not allowed to export corals from Egyptand their parts, shells and other seafood, as well as fragments of sights, even if they look like unremarkable stones. For this threatens a large fine and a ban on entry into the country for several years. In Egypt, tougher penalties for indecent behavior in museums.
  • It is strictly forbidden to swear in public in Egypt. Many local residents from the resort areas are well aware of Russian obscene expressions and can complain about an overly emotional tourist to the police. Touchy merchants are especially guilty of this, whom our compatriots no-no and bestow abuse through their teeth for excessive obtrusiveness.
    1. Tourists may well get a fine for damaging corals and throwing garbage into the sea. In recent years, the administration of resorts has become seriously puzzled by this issue and has taken up the development of punitive measures against violators. How tourists are deceived in Egypt: 5 main tricks.
    2. For illegal penetration or indecent actson the territory of archaeological sites and excavations, an unbearable fine or imprisonment for at least a month is required. Under the concept of “obscene actions” includes behavior that shocks others: words, gestures, deeds, appearance. In general, it is better to behave calmly and not shock the local public.

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