Douhua and a-gay: Taiwanese food with strange names

Douhua and a -gay: Taiwanese food with strange names

Taiwan has a lot of unusual food for foreigners. Sometimes a strange presentation, sometimes a combination of flavors, and sometimes names.

Don't be surprised, for example, if a cafe offers you to try douhua . It's not like a lot of food. This is a dish.

The full name sounds something like doufuhua. And that appetizer is tofu pudding.

Douhua and a-gay: Taiwanese food with strange names

It can be found not only in Taiwan, but also in other Asian countries, the Taiwanese version is usually made with tapioca, peanuts, oatmeal, adzuki beans or mung beans and ginger or almond syrup.

In Taiwan, it can be tasted in many establishments and locals eat it as a dessert. Interestingly, other Asian countries sometimes make it savory.

Don't be surprised if a coffee shop in Taiwan asks: a-gay ?

This is also not what you might think. It's about food.

Douhua and ah-gay: Taiwanese food with strange names

This is the name of another local dish. And again from tofu cheese. In the composition, in addition to tofu, there are also noodles, beans, fish. The taste is even weirder than the name. The recipe was invented at the Original Ah-Gei in 1965 and hasn't changed in over 50 years. It is still considered by many to be the best and most authentic, but you can find the dish elsewhere.

Other names are less intimidating but still obscure.

For example, boba is not the name of a local boy, but the name of a drink. It is also called tea with pearl milk or simply bubble tea. so-strannymi-nazvanijami-9746e51.png” alt=”Douhua and ah-gay: Taiwanese food with strange names” />

In fact, it does not always contain milk, sometimes fruit juice, sometimes it is a cold drink, sometimes warm, sometimes it contains jelly, sometimes pudding. In general, this is the name of any drink with large balls in the composition. Balls are made from tapioca. You can even “customize” the sweetness to your taste when ordering.

In Russia, a few years ago, such cocktails could be found in malls, but also as popular as they were in Taiwan, and no name seems to have stuck with them.

Another weird name in local menus – tanghulu.

Douhua and a-gay: strangely named Taiwanese food

Sounds exotic, and it looks like it should be a grilled sea monster, no less . But in general, this is a very simple and understandable dessert, which is also called “fruit kebab”. Fruits and berries on a stick covered with caramel. Most often it is strawberries or cherry tomatoes with prunes inside.

But there are other fruits and berries, but always on a stick and always with a caramel crust. So, you can safely try these.


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