Dubai cuts city taxi fares, including limousines

Tariffs for city taxis, including limousines, have been reduced in Dubai

An official reduction has occurred in Dubai prices for city taxi services. The previous fare of 2.19 dirhams per kilometer (41 rubles) has dropped to 1.97 dirhams, or 37 rubles.

According to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the fare has been reduced by 22 fils per kilometer , that is, a 20-kilometer taxi ride has become cheaper by 4.40 dirhams. The cost of filing and the minimum tariff remained the same — 12 dirhams.

Changing the “counter” due to falling petrol prices. On December 30, the UAE announced a reduction in retail fuel prices for January 2023. Super 98 gasoline costs 2.78 dirhams (52 rubles) per liter, which is noticeably lower than in December — 3.30 dirhams. Diesel fuel will cost 3.29 dirhams (62 rubles) per liter compared to 3.74 dirhams in December, you can fill E-Plus 91 for 2.59 dirhams (49 rubles) per liter. In December it was 3.11 dirhams.

In September last year, the Sharjah authorities announced a reduction in the minimum tariff by 1 dirham. Ajman also announced that taxi fares were cut by six percent, citing lower fuel prices.

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