Edible coal: satisfying, useful, modern

Edible coal: hearty, good, modern

Two hours is not enough to adequately tell about all the sights of Uglich. Fans of ancient Russian antiquity, truly original museums and the very spirit of Russian merchants come here. At the same time, not everyone knows that Uglich can rightfully be called the Volga capital of gastro-tourism. Lovers of delicious food, “Subtleties” decided to correct this misunderstanding and talk about local delicacies that are offered in the city literally at every step.

5. Horse farm “Ruskon”

Immersion in the gastronomic diversity of Uglich should begin with the Ruskon horse farm, where the Museum of the Russian Troika is about to open. Here they are introduced to the history of the famous Oryol trotter, and they are not limited only to the story – guests are in for a real show with the participation of the best breeding horses.

What is unique about the Russian troika, which has become a symbol of Russia? How to properly harness the crew? What did coachmen and riders wear in the 19th century? Hospitable enthusiasts from the horse farm will answer all these questions. The final chord of the program is a lunch at the Museum of the Russian Troika with lush pies, birch sap – and a few stronger drinks for those who wish.1/1

4. Uglich — little Switzerland

Although it is believed that Russians do not know how to make cheese (or do not want to), Uglich producers successfully refute this stereotype. As part of the tasting, you will be able to taste not only the most delicious local cheese, but also the famous mineral medicinal table water, which at one time received gold and silver medals for quality. You can’t do without craft chocolate (otherwise what is Switzerland?), which has already become one of the symbols of the city. /fs.tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/ak/5m/ak5mo8clh8w88swcg484k4gc0.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Edible uglich: satisfying, good, modern< /p>

3. Restaurant “Vremya”

To make cheese and chocolate fit properly in the stomach, take a walk through the picturesque center of Uglich and look into the cozy courtyards, where it is so pleasant for a resident of the metropolis, tired of the noise, to sit in silence. And when you get hungry again, head to the Vremya restaurant: they cook exclusively from local products, using dairy products and cheeses, organic lamb and beef. And, of course, they serve the famous Volga troika to the table: catfish, pike and pike perch. In general, if you want to taste Uglich, you are here.1/1

2. Museum of Urban Life of the 19th Century

Crossing the threshold of this museum, guests seem to be transported back a century and a half – the merchant's mansion of that time is recreated in such detail. Some things here are copies, but most are perfectly preserved originals: dishes, jewelry, clothes, furniture.

Have you already guessed that acquaintance with the traditions of a provincial town cannot do without tasting? Museum visitors will try pies prepared according to the recipes of Elena Molokhovets, the author of the culinary bestseller of the 19th century “Advice to young housewives, or a means to reduce household expenses”. The recipes from this book can be safely used by contemporaries who want to surprise loved ones with undeservedly forgotten delicious dishes. The excursion is not limited to a treat for the stomachs and eyes – the fiery performance of the gypsies to the accompaniment of the guitar will delight true connoisseurs of soulful songs. 1/1

1. Agroholding AgriVolga

The last (but by no means least) point of our program is the AgriVolga holding, where guests are introduced to the process of producing organic products: dairy products, cheeses and sausages. What is it in general – organic products? How are they different from normal ones? How is organic production different from industrial production? The employees of the holding will be happy to tell you all the nuances of production.

We will give part of the answer in advance: animals here are treated with love and care. The cows living on the farm are free-range and feel quite at ease. Yaroslavl breed, jersey and their crossbreed – dzheroslavov. Satisfied with life, animals are very calm, easily make contact and even allow themselves to be stroked. But the most impressive are powerful handsome Aberdeen Angus cows with shiny black hair.1/1

Of course, tasting is indispensable here too – organic goat and cow milk, cheeses and butter taste just as different from store-bought ones as Thai tom yum differs from the substance served in Moscow restaurants under the same name.

What else is worth doing in Uglich

  • Visit the Samokat Museum and ride old bicycles
  • Go on a river boat trip along the city
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  • Visit the Old Believer Nikolo-Uleiminsky Monastery, founded back in 1406

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