Egypt does not end with Hurghada and Sharm: a tourist found adequate prices and quality in Marsa Alam

Egypt does not end with Hurghada and Sharm: a tourist found adequate prices and quality in Marsa Alam

“In Egypt, my wife and I were more than 5 times – in Hurghada or Sharm. They didn’t dare to go to the Mediterranean coast – there are a lot of bad reviews from vacationers: the cold sea, poor infrastructure, hotels work for locals, and tourists are not interesting to them. The reader of “Subtleties” Evgeny received completely new impressions after spending his vacation at the not very popular resort of the Red Sea, in Marsa Alam. Everything in order – in his review.

Immediately about the main advantages

The underwater world in Marsa Alam is much richer than even in the Ras Mohammed reserve in Sharm. I am a big diving enthusiast. They say that the beauty of the underwater world here is compared only with the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! Only I won’t get there in my life, so I’ll imagine how it is there – through Marsa Alam. Another advantage is deserted beaches, lack of crowds of tourists, high-quality and authentic souvenirs, not Chinese junk, as well as attractive prices. New unused “excursion” (again, prices are adequate), Wadi Hammamat and Abu Simbel, for example.1/1

How they got there and how much they rested for

The downside is the transfer. Flights from the Russian Federation do not fly to the resort, you will have to get from Hurghada airport. We didn’t bother with domestic flights, it’s difficult to connect with our package tours, and charters are a risk of missing the flight. We decided by bus: long, but reliable.

I thought there wouldn't be many people as desperate as we are, but we got almost half of the big tourist bus. The transfer was included in the price of the tour. Hotel Novotel Marsa Alam 5 *, 115 thousand for two for 8 days. 1/1

Novotel Marsa Alam

We really liked the hotel, and I especially want to note the attitude of the staff: polite, they work “excellently”, they know their business. This, of course, is not a palace, but it absolutely does not look like hotels popular among our tourists. Clean, colorful, very calm and at the same time not boring. Very tasty food: varied, interesting, with a twist. The only thing I didn't like was the fruit: almost everyone was so-so, they bought the cheapest and very tasty ones at the local market. The contingent of vacationers is diverse, there are few Russians, mostly Germans, Poles and Czechs. All polite and friendly, never had any conflicts.

The rooms are clean and spacious. Very comfortable beds, you can feel the attention to detail. There is a catalog of pillows to choose from, a fragrance for bed linen. Cosmetics in the room are of good quality, there is even a small tube of aloe juice against burns and a card with a reminder to apply sunscreen. At the reception you can see a catalog of dangerous fish that you should not touch with your hands. I think all hotels in Egypt should have such directories!1/1


The level of the diving center in the hotel is really very high: new equipment, carefully thought-out locations, professional instructors. Even if you don't like to dive and snorkel, you can appreciate the beauty of the local fauna. Walking along the pier above the coral cap, you can see a huge number of fish even without a mask! The pontoon is not long, 150 meters, no more. The animation team is international, there are Russian speakers. All animation is in English.

We had a good rest, but the road, of course, is still difficult. If you do not like diving and excursions, then it is better not to choose this direction for now – you will be disappointed.

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