Egypt Holiday Guide

Trips to Egypt are in high demand among travelers from all over the world. More than 7 million people come to Egypt every year, including many from Kazakhstan. 

Egypt Holiday Guide

How to choose a tour to Egypt? 

This is not surprising, because the state offers a favorable combination of price and quality for an unforgettable vacation . To save money on your vacation, you can book tickets right now at the link

Egypt itself is located on the Sinai Peninsula, it is surrounded by two seas: the Mediterranean and the Red. The Red Sea is one of the ten cleanest seas in the world, which makes it popular among divers. 

How to choose a tour to Egypt? 

Egypt is open to tourists all year round, off-season weather changes are insignificant, it is equally comfortable here at any time of the year. Each trip is saturated with various entertainments both inside and outside the hotel: sports, water activities, excursions and boat trips. 

When choosing a holiday resort, pay attention to the following cities: 
< br>Hurghada is located on the Red Sea coast. When you buy a last-minute tour to Egypt along this route, you get the perfect combination of price and quality. This is the best choice for tourists who want to see as much as possible and do not want to sit only on the territory of the resort. The beach season in Hurghada lasts from March to December;

Sharm el-Sheikh is located on the Sinai Peninsula, and all of its five districts are on the seashore. The coral reef is an ideal place for snorkeling and a relaxing holiday. It was here that the famous explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau filmed programs about underwater life with his team;

Nuweiba is another popular resort in the Sinai Peninsula. It is next to Israel and the ferry to Jordan. If you want to kill all the birds with one stone and see another country, in this resort you can do it; 

Marsa Alam is the youngest resort in Egypt on the Red Sea coast. Its sandy beaches and coral reefs offer ideal conditions for diving. Cheap four- and five-star resorts are available here, which are suitable for family holidays; 

Cairo attracts travelers with its architectural monuments. It is here that the famous pyramids and the Sphinx are located. The Luxor Temple Complex, Edfu Temple and the Valley of the Kings are just some of the local attractions. 

Dahab is a seaside resort that is suitable for diving, kiting and ecotourism. It is known for its golden sandy beaches with a smooth entry into the water; 

Alexandria is one of the oldest cities in Egypt, which attracts tourists who appreciate history, culture and architecture. It is worth coming here to see the famous library, the fort, the Arab market and luxury resorts right on the sea; 

Luxor is located on the banks of the Nile River. This is an ancient city with a rich cultural heritage, here you will find many ancient temples and tombs, including Kom Ombo, the Temple of Hatshepsut and the Valley of the Kings. 

In addition to active water recreation, Egyptian tourists can go to the desert on a safari, show on ATVs and camels. 

In June, when the holiday season in Kazakhstan is just beginning, you can find attractive prices for holidays in Egypt, but you need to be prepared for extremely high temperatures. 

Remember to wear light, comfortable clothing and drink plenty of water to keep the hot Egyptian climate comfortable for you. Be sure to visit local cafes, trade shops and souvenir shops, try the local cuisine and take a photo as a keepsake!

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