Either pay or look for new housing: an angry review of Pyatigorsk

Either pay or look for new housing: an angry review of Pyatigorsk

Dmitrii Eremin “Holidays in Pyatigorsk are wonderful, but only if you are an organized tourist or come for treatment. We were here with my family two years ago, we liked everything! And recovery, and excursions organized by the tour operator. We decided to repeat this year, but we went by car ourselves to visit as many sights as possible.” What came of it – in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” under the nickname Elena1249.

About housing

I do not advise anyone to repeat, most of all problems with finding housing. 3 weeks before the trip, we rented an apartment, a day before arrival, the reservation was canceled without returning the deposit (Yermolov street, private owner's ad on Avito). I had to hurry to look for another apartment, and they were all very far from the center.

We are by car, there are no problems, but the sleeping areas of Pyatigorsk are fear! Killed roads, depressive and dangerous playgrounds. This is not a reproach to the city or its inhabitants, but why does the council absolutely not want to ennoble other areas of the city? This is a rich region where comfort must be created not only for tourists, but also for residents. Then people will be kinder, and not look at the tourist as a source of income. True, except for unscrupulous landlords, the people here are very kind and sympathetic.

Sleeping areas of Pyatigorsk are fear! Broken roads, depressing and dangerous playgrounds.1/1

Second surprise

In our second apartment, too, there were no problems. We paid 2500 rubles. per day (although initially agreed on 1900). Upon receiving the keys, the owner decided to raise the price, as he was approached by other people who were ready to rent an apartment more expensive, and he said that he did not want to miss out on possible earnings. Either pay, or look for a new home. Everything is decided so simply here, and, most importantly, the owner considers such pricing to be normal, the auction is in place!

About excursions and attractions

A little more negative is excursions. The places here are very beautiful, no doubt, there are many sights, it is better to book at least 3-4 days for exploring Pyatigorsk and its environs. But the downside is that most of the most popular cafes and restaurants can be closed for special services to tourist groups, and independent tourists here, even if they can find a place, they are not pampered with attention and are served last. Not out of harm: just business, nothing personal. For a snack, it is better to choose small cafes and restaurants, where you will be greeted as a dear guest. Do not be afraid of small roadside eateries and shops. In such places, they cook deliciously at home, and the prices are lower at times. 1/1

There were also pluses

From the pros: all the sights are ennobled, there are places for rest on the roads and trails, signs. In addition to the city center, where you can get around everything in a day, I advise you to devote a separate day to the beautiful and well-groomed Mashuk forest park. In this park, along the path that goes through the observation deck “Gate of the Sun”, you can climb to the top of Mashuk. The climb is not very steep, but if you are not ready even for a simple ascent, you can use the cable car: 210 rubles. adult ticket, 50 for children. The Lermontov Museum should be combined with a visit to the Pyatigorsk necropolis and the Lazarevskaya Church. A very atmospheric and beautiful place, you can lay flowers at the site of the first burial of the writer. 1/1

On one of the slopes of Mount Beshtau there is the Second Athos Monastery. Be sure to take a walk around the territory, it’s very beautiful, there is a refectory, there are delicious pastries and excellent souvenirs in the church shop.

About food

There are many places to eat in the city center, but sometimes the price tags are just scary. It is better not to go to beautiful restaurants with views, but to drink tea or take wine and snacks at most, the food there is expensive and tasteless. Separately, I will single out ice cream, it is here like in childhood. Pyatigorsk ice cream in a waffle cup is sold at every step, but the best prices are in the plant's company store near the railway station. We really wanted to get on an excursion to the plant, but there is again a problem with an independent visit, only groups and a record for a week at least.

We were in Pyatigorsk for a week, then went to Kislovodsk. You need to write a separate story about him. But, in short, there we were more fortunate both with excursions and with housing. It seems to me that Kislovodsk is more adapted for independent travel and is more conveniently located for trips to the natural attractions of the region.

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