Emirates passenger threatened flight attendant just days after wedding

Emirates passenger threatened flight attendant just days after wedding

29-year-old Mohammed Razak has been jailed for 18 months after pleading guilty to a range of offenses including drunkenness on board a plane, fighting, sexual assault and causing damage. . Passenger Razak drank too much at Dubai airport before boarding a flight to drown out his grief and gloomy thoughts. It turns out that the family did not approve of his new marriage. They just didn't like the bride.

Razak was returning home after three weeks in Pakistan, where he tied the knot. Having started drinking at the Dubai airport, he continued the process of driving himself into a deranged state already on board.

After about three hours (!!!) of the flight, the flight attendants decided to stop serving Razak alcohol. They noticed that he began to sway violently in his seat and thereby frighten other passengers.

Then, having reached the condition, Razak began to pester other passengers with a request to bring him alcohol, but the neighbors refused to help him.


At some point, Razak drew attention to the stewardess — she bent down to collect debris from the cabin floor. “Hero” couldn't find anything better than hugging her with both arms from behind. And then he got carried away. Mohammed threatened to hit the male steward and swore at the senior flight attendant, promising to “bite off her nose and ears and generally burn them all.”

Then he punched the seat with such force that the headrest literally folded in half. Emirates estimated the damage at £200.

Razak continued to demand more alcohol until he was finally exhausted and passed out in his seat. The flight continued and upon arrival in Manchester, Razak was arrested.

A flight attendant with years of experience told the court that this was the worst case she had ever experienced while working for a Dubai airline in the past seven years .

The same flight attendant Razak physically assaulted admitted that the incident shook her self-confidence, and now she is very nervous about returning to work.

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