Enjoy Tequila, a Unique Pueblo Magico

Enjoy Tequila, a Unique Pueblo Magico

Tequila fields (Courtesy of Guadalajara Tourism)

The bluish-green landscape, characteristic of this region full of agave fields, is of great attraction and can be seen along the way through the municipalities of Tequila, El Arenal, Amatitán, Magdalena, and Teuchitlán in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

The town, famous for its drink distilled from the agave pineapple, today offers its visitors the opportunity to experience the ancient process of obtaining tequila and savor the atmosphere of its colorful and lively streets.

All the tourist activity begins in the main square, just arriving at the Templo de la Purísima (Temple of the Immaculate). From the square, visitors can hire expert guide services to visit the tequila factories and more places of interest.

The National Tequila Museum offers a comprehensive exhibition on the history and technique of making the delicious agave spirit – with the appellation of origin—as well as a collection of bottles, located at number 34 of Ramon Corona Street.

Regarding its cultural landscape, unique in the world, the blue-clad valleys of the agave landscape are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. They can be seen on the route. In addition to the agave fields, the cultural landscape is framed with old facilities of industries and their archaeological remains.

Enjoy Tequila, a Unique Pueblo Magico

Friends enjoying tequila drinks. (photo via Fairmont Mayakoba)

It is advisable to visit the old distillery of José Cuervo, “La Rojeña,” where tourists can learn about the history of the company and discover the process of making the famous tequila, from the beautiful patio of ovens to which the agave pineapples arrive for cooking in the traditional style, to the distillation and aging in the wooden barrels.

At the beginning of the Tequila, the route is the small town, El Arenal, dedicated to the harvest of agave to produce tequila. It is worth visiting the Templo de Nuestra Señora del Rosario dating from 1925. The hulls of the hacienda of Huaxtla and La Quiteria are also attractive. Its natural attractions are the forests on the Cerro del Panchote, La Quitería, and the Arenal and Salado rivers. There is also the seasonal spa Las Tinajas and Las Tortugas.

Enjoy Tequila, a Unique Pueblo Magico

Agave Farm in Tequila, Mexico (Photo via Will McGough)

Visitors also can enjoy a journey through three tequila houses: Casa Sauza, Casa Herradura, and Casa Cofradía, where they will be able to live the tequila experience in an avant-garde, artisanal and traditional way. Visitors can live this experience, jimando their agave, tasting the best selection of our tequilas, and delighting their palate with the typical gastronomy of the region.

At the end of such an experience through the three tequila houses, tourists receive a gift kit from the three distilleries they visited, plus promotions and discounts in restaurants, hotels, and transportation services.

Enjoy Tequila, a Unique Pueblo Magico

Worker unearths agave plant for tequila production. (Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus / camaralenta)

Another option is Tequila Express: an original and fun way to get to know the agave landscape from Guadalajara. This tourist train arrives in the valley of Amatitán, visiting the Hacienda San José del Refugio, home of Tequila Herradura, and discovering the old and the new process of making the drink. The tour includes tequila tasting from the beginning of the trip and an experience of Jalisco’s gastronomy.

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