Estonia detains a Russian who tried to illegally cross the border

Estonia detained a Russian who tried to illegally cross the border

The statement of the border guards says that 38- the year old man was detained on September 26 and then deported back to Russia the same day.

Illegal crossing of the border was detected by automation shortly after 01:00 am. The Estonian military were put on alert. The squad immediately began to clarify the exact circumstances of the incident and search for the offender.

As a result, it turned out that the man on the SUP board at the mouth of the Narva River became the cause of the alarm. During the arrest, he did not resist and was sent under escort to the Narva border checkpoint for procedural actions. A criminal case was opened against the Russian for a minor offense and a fine was issued.

In this regard, a representative of the Ida Prefectural Border and Migration Service noted that the Estonian state border has been heavily guarded since February, and additional checks will continue further. “In this case, the illegal border crossing was done in fear of a mobilization announced in a neighboring country,” — he noted. “Currently, there is no visible increase in migration pressure, but the country should still be ready for such a development of events.”

According to him, Estonia is closely monitoring the situation and, if necessary, is ready to send additional forces to border.

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu announced earlier that the country would ban most Russian citizens from entering its territory.

On September 20, ten Russian citizens were denied entry to Estonia on the first day the entry into force of Schengen visa restrictions by the three Baltic countries and Poland.

Estonian authorities have also announced that they are refusing entry to the country for persons with dual citizenship in cases where one of the two citizenships is Russian.

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