Estonia took away a residence permit from a Russian who lived there all his life

Estonia took away a residence permit from a Russian who lived there all his life

According to media reports, Sergey Neprimerov left the Estonian city of Narva for the Russian city of Ivangorod to see off his friend. When he tried to return to his home in Estonia, the border guards denied him entry, saying that he was banned from entering not only Estonia, but also other Schengen countries for five years.

“I was told that my residence permit was revoked because I am a danger to the EU. They put me in a car, took me to the border point number 2, took me to the bridge, returned my passport to me, took away my identity card, and everything — I was left standing there, on the bridge, with nothing but a phone and an umbrella, — said a 66-year-old man.

According to Estonian officials, the citizenship of a Russian citizen living in the Baltic state was revoked after he actively participated in many protests over the past years. According to the Estonian authorities, he was wearing a Russian flag and Russian symbols. 

Neprimerov considered the decision of the authorities unfair, while he stressed that he plans to appeal this decision in an Estonian court.

More in September, Estonian officials announced that the country would stop issuing Schengen visas and would also ban entry to all Russian citizens with valid visas. This decision came into force on September 19.

At the same time, officials urged their citizens not to travel to Russia for non-essential purposes, and Estonians temporarily in Russia to consider the importance of their stay and, if possible, return to Estonia.

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