European countries extend enhanced controls at internal borders

European countries extend enhanced controls at internal borders

According to the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, this decision justified by the fight against human smuggling.

The ministry said that border controls with Slovakia, which were reintroduced on 29 September, could be extended once again after 28 October if the authorities decide that they are necessary to ensure a common security.

Eight people have been arrested since the beginning of the abolition of free border crossings, suspected of being involved in smuggling people from Slovakia to Austria.

Austrian Interior Minister Gerhard Karner said that the extension of border controls necessary in order to “prevent the dirty business of smugglers in the long run.”

In connection with In response to the surge in illegal migration, the Czech authorities have also introduced internal border controls with Slovakia.

The move was announced by Czech Interior Minister Vit Rakusan last week. The Minister noted that the decision of the Czech Republic to introduce border controls is the last step taken by the country to respond to the deteriorating situation.

In addition, the Czech Republic also plans to extend border controls with Slovakia after October 7.

The number of people who entered the Czech Republic illegally this year increased by 1,200 percent.

Another five Schengen member states currently have border controls in place. These are Denmark, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

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