Even now married: 5 features of the Egyptians that Russian tourists like

Though now married: 5 features of the Egyptians that Russian tourists like

White-toothed and black-eyed Egyptians have been turning the heads of our women, probably from the very moment when the first charter flights with Russian tourists arrived at the Red Sea resorts. Why are they so good at it? It's simple: against the backdrop of gloomy Russian peasants, ardent Arabs seem like a godsend, while young and pretty ones are generally in great demand. We will not go into moral aspects and warn of far-reaching consequences, we will simply list five tricks that cunning Egyptian seducers catch young and not very virgins.

1. You are at the door, he is at the window

Pressure and initiative – that's what Russian men lack when it comes to meeting the fair sex. Women are tired of taking everything into their own hands, and here – swarthy handsome men are literally chasing, pouring compliments, inviting them on dates and as if they don’t hear the word “no”. Of course, in most cases this is annoying, but someone likes such attention.

2. Pouring into the ears is the second profession

Literally from the second minute of meeting, the Egyptian boyfriend will begin to call her in marriage and promise the lady the jelly banks of the Nile. They give out promises generously and completely sincerely: at this particular moment, they really think so. And what's next is the tenth thing. Women, as you know, are bribed by straightforwardness and ardor. That's why they believe. What do Egyptians think about Russian women?

3. Care on the verge of fantasy

If suddenly the Egyptian decided that this woman was his, everything was lost. He, like a kite, will drive away competitors on distant approaches, be jealous of every pillar and restrict freedom of movement. So he shows concern and stakes the territory. He will also go out of his way to please, pay (at first) all dating expenses, and generally behave like a “real man.” Sexism and prejudice, you say? Some of the fair sex are so tired of equality that they agree to it with pleasure.

4. Beauty is a terrible force

Whatever they say about the moral character of the Egyptians and their deceit towards tourists, one cannot be taken away – they are damn good. Dark skin and tarry hair, combined with a dazzling smile, is their main weapon.

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5. Passions boil day and night

In terms of emotionality, Arab machos give a huge head start to Spanish ones. They are not shy about expressing their feelings – giving ardent glances, dissolving their hands on business and without it, passionately whispering confessions in their ears and shouting all sorts of ambiguities after pretty tourists aloud. Other girls are impressed by such spiritual impulses, but many prefer to run away.

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