Everyone does it: 10 habits that unite Russians and foreigners

Everyone does it: 10 habits that bring people together Russians and foreigners

We are sure that somewhere there, in a distant foreign country, everything is different: the sun is brighter, the food is tastier, the grass – well, of course, and the problems are not at all the same as we have. We are in a hurry to disappoint (or maybe, on the contrary, to please) – the daily routine is very similar everywhere. And we all have a lot in common. Here are just a few examples, of which there were a full dozen at once.

1. Store a package with packages

There is a sign in Russia: if a bag of bags runs out, it means that a crisis has definitely come. In European countries, the logic is about the same. It is not considered shameful to save the bag after going to the supermarket and reuse it. Firstly, this is saving money, a tidy sum can run up in a year, and, secondly, nature must be protected! By the way, here are 6 more Soviet habits that were laughed at, and now the whole of Europe does it.

2. We hand over empty containers

You can earn money by selling glass containers. And both wine bottles and baby food jars. Conscious citizens regularly visit specialized points to get rid of glass containers and get money or coupons for purchases. //fs.tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/c5/hj/c5hjlwl0940kk88c88w0occ04.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Everybody does it : 10 habits that unite Russians and foreigners

3. Buying on sales

Waiting for huge discounts of up to 80-90%, and then taking the store by storm is not shameful anywhere in the world. It may not be worth it to fight for an ultra-slim TV, but to miss the opportunity to own a good thing – at this price! – also shouldn't. And it doesn't matter that we don't look our best at the checkout: out of breath and rumpled. But satisfied.

4. Attending free events

Finding out where a free concert, exhibition, or film screening is planned for the weekend, and then dropping in with the whole family is a standard practice that will help save impressive sums. A full house at such events is provided even in the richest countries.

5. Taking food away

It is quite common to ask a waiter to wrap the leftovers of a half-eaten dinner with you, even in a Michelin-starred restaurant. After all, food is paid for, and saving yourself the trouble of cooking the next day (in fact, everything will be eaten tonight) is a smart decision. “>

Everyone does it: 10 habits that bring people together Russians and foreigners

6. We rent clothes

We all want to appear better than we really are, so it's important to make a good impression right away. The easiest way to do this is with expensive branded clothing and accessories. The problem is that luxury goods are not always affordable. Well, or corny sorry for the money. The way out of a difficult situation is known in both hemispheres – hide the labels on the purchased clothes, go to a meeting, and then return the purchase. 12 examples of extremely bad tan that the entire Internet is laughing at.

7. We grab “souvenirs” from the hotel

Shampoos, gels and hair conditioners in cute miniature bottles are a legitimate traveler's trophy. Often, soap supplies from the hotel are not really needed: they just serve as a reminder of a pleasant trip. Many foreigners and Russians think so.

8. We trade at online flea markets

Many things acquired by overwork, eventually get bored or become unnecessary – and eventually go … no, not to a landfill at all, but to the local version of Avito/Craigslist, because the zealous owners did not keep them in perfect condition for nothing. Almost. You may not get a lot of money for them, but a few extra bills in your wallet will definitely not be superfluous.

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9. Stocking up on products for future use

Cataclysms of various origins have taught the townsfolk to fill the shelves of pantries and refrigerators to capacity in any incomprehensible situation. Cereals, toilet paper and vegetable oil are not only on the survival list of Russians. Going to the supermarket with a checked bag on wheels is no longer a sign of poverty.

10. We participate in promotional games

When buying a promotional product, we kind of reluctantly fill out personal data and upload checks to the manufacturer's website. Loudly stating that a car or other valuable prize is definitely not to be won, in the depths of our souls we hope for good luck. This is how people act in all countries of the world, regardless of nationality, religion and everything else.

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